‘Rebecca’ Netflix Trailer: Lily James Is Haunted By A Sinister Housekeeper In Her New Movie.


Rebecca, the upcoming horror movie from ‘Jemma D’Ambruster,’ will premiere on Netflix in April. The cast includes Lily James, Michael Fassbender, and Jamie Bell. In her new film, Rebecca, the evil housekeeper haunts Lily James.

We’ve got the trailer for Lily James’ new film, “Rebecca,” right here!

Netflix has unveiled the trailer for its adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s famous novel Rebecca, which you may view below.

On October 21, 2020, the film will be available to stream on Netflix.

The cast includes Lily James, Armie Hammer, Kristin Scott Thomas, Tom Goodman-Hill, Keeley Hawes, Sam Riley, and Ann Dowd. The film is directed by Ben Wheatley and features the talents of Lily James, Armie Hammer, Kristin Scott Thomas, Tom Goodman-Hill, Keeley Hawes, Anna Kendrick

The film’s synopsis reads:

Last adapted 80 years ago by Alfred Hitchcock, in his initial job in the United States, the story has remained popular ever since. The film won Best Cinematography and Best Picture at the 13th Academy Awards in 1941.

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Is this current one likely to be as well known as the previous one? It’s difficult to tell, especially with Netflix.

The cast members are excellent, with leading lady Lily James having previously crushed her parts. She had a part in the films “Rare Beasts” and “Yesterday.” She is best recognized for her parts in Cinderella (2015), Baby Driver (2017), and Mamma Mia! (2008). The seminal band is back, with a new album on the way (2018). She’s a fantastic choice.

Set your calendars for October 21, 2020.

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