7 Reasons to Invest in Health Insurance that Covers Maternity


Pregnancy is one of the most joyful experiences for mothers as it empowers them to bring a new life out into this world. But pregnancy may bring certain complications that can be distressing for the new parents, both mentally and financially. And with the rapidly increasing medical expenses and hospitalization charges, it may cost you a fortune.

From hospitalization charges to delivery-related expenses, health insurance that covers maternity can help new parents enjoy the happiest moment of their lives without any stress.

What is Health Insurance that Covers Maternity?

Health insurance that covers maternity is a type of regular health insurance that also offers coverage for all delivery-related expenses up to the limit of the policy term. It comes with a waiting period, so it is advisable to buy it in advance so that you stay prepared to welcome your baby without any financial worries.

Health insurance that covers maternity may include maternity care, newborn baby cover, pre-and post-hospitalization charges, in-patient care, daycare treatment, etc.

7 Reasons to Invest in This Policy

Health insurance that covers maternity acts like a safety umbrella where you will not have to worry about the finances arising due to any pregnancy-related treatment. Here are 7 reasons to invest in this policy:-

Covers All the Medical Expenses

Health insurance that covers maternity covers all the expenses related to both normal and caesarean surgeries. It may cover all the expenses, including surgeon’s cost, doctor’s consultation, nursing, room charges, etc.

Private Hospitals Are Expensive

There is a need for quality healthcare treatment when it cotrmes to pregnancy, which is why people prefer private hospitals. However, the healthcare facilities at these hospitals are quite expensive. Also, pregnancy is subject to complications, which may significantly affect the total cost. With the right health insurance that covers maternity, you may not have to worry about finances.

Covers Newborn Baby from Day 1

Regular health insurance policies do not cover the newborn child whereas, health insurance with maternity cover covers the newborn child up to the first 90 days.

Coverage For Advanced Treatments

Health insurance that covers maternity provides quality healthcare for the mother and her child with advanced treatment methods.

Claim Free Bonus

Most insurance companies provide an increase in sum insured or discounts on insurance premiums for the next year for every claim-free year.

Cashless Hospitalization

You do not have to arrange for the finances during any pregnancy-related treatment. With cashless hospitalization, you can avail of treatment without paying the bills upfront.

Tax Benefits

Opting for health insurance that covers maternity comes with two-fold benefits. It not only provides good medical care for mother and child but also enables you to avail tax benefits on the premium you pay for it as per the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961.

Benefits Under This Policy

Here are some of the key benefits provided under this policy:-

Day Care Treatment

With health insurance that covers maternity cover, you can avail daycare treatment instead of hospitalization.

Long Term Policy

You can avail a long-term policy where you will not have to worry about policy renewal.

Pre-and Post-Hospitalization Cover

Health insurance that covers maternity cover may provide you with both pre-and post-hospitalization charges.


This policy may allow you to avail discounts on the insurance premium for every claim-free year.

Different insurance companies offer this policy with different benefits and exclusions, and choosing one out of many can be confusing. It is crucial that you choose the policy with benefits that suit you. Care Health Insurance is one such insurance provider that offers health insurance that covers maternity with affordable premiums and many extensive benefits that allow the new parents to bring their child into this world without any worries.


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