Real Time With Bill Maher

Real Time With Bill Maher

There are very talk shows that feature political events along with comedy. Yes! We are talking about an HBO Max show, Real Time with Bill Maher.

Bill Maher is the creator of the talk show that got released on 21st February 2003 on HBO.

Bill Maher, Scott Carter, and Adam Felber are the writers of the American television show.

The show has completed its 19 seasons with a total of 575 episodes up to 27th August 2021. The show is still in the run.

The program runs for one hour every week with a studio audience every Friday night.

What Is the Plotline or Format of the Show Real Time With Bill Maher?

The talk show centers around current events or political sketch comedy, comedy monologues, and credits are also included. Bill Maher interviews various important persons through satellite or inside the studio. A panel of guests then sits together for a debate. After the completion of half of the interview, Maher performs some sketch comedy related to current news. After the comedy part, he interviews another figure through satellite or inside the studio. Two or three people are included in the guest panel. After the end of each episode, a comedy section takes place under the name “New Rules!”. It is a humorous segment featuring popular culture and American politics. Pictures displayed on the New Rules segment sometimes contain uncensored images.

Bill Maher has been a part of the administration of Obama, Bush, Trump. Thus, his panel has diversity in its views. The panel consists of liberal commentators and political figures, and the third party is someone with moderate beliefs. The third party is often a comedian, an actor, a musician, or some other person in the entertainment field.

Some changes were made to take the show forward in the pandemic era. All the episodes of the show were filmed in different areas of the property of Bill Maher. He chose to shoot the show from his home. The show consisted of some in-depth guest interviews rather than forming a panel of guests. The end of the show was with the New Rules from Maher’s garden. The nineteenth season got delayed for some time as Maher was diagnosed with COVID.

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The Release Date: When Was the Nineteenth Season of the Show Real Time With Bill Maher Came Into Existence?

The nineteenth season of the show consists of thirty episodes. The first episode of the show was released on 15th January 2021. The first episode started with the arrival of Kellyanne Conway, Katie Couric, and Matt Jones as its guests. The last episode got released on 17th September 2021 with Anne Applebaum, Dan Savage, and Gillian Tett. Three more episodes are yet to come. They will be released on 24th September, 1st October, and 8th October, respectively.

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What Are the Names of the Cast of the Nineteenth Season of Real Time With Bill Maher?

The host of the show is Bill Maher. He was born in New York City and started his career as a standup in the 1980s in The Tonight Show, Starring Johnny Carson. After then he started his own TV series called Politically Incorrect.

The guests appearing in the show are:

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist and media celebrity. In 2009, he also started a talk show named StarTalk, which included celebrities, standup comedians.

Anne Applebaum was born in Washington DC, USA, on 25th July 1964.

Bob Costas, once referred to as Sport boy, is a respected interviewer and cultural commentator. He has also provided coverage for the Olympics.

Frank Bruni was born on 31st October 1964 in White Plains, New York, USA.

Nicholas Kristof was born on 27th April 1959 in Yamhill, Oregon, USA.

Scott Galloway was born on 3rd November 1964.

Rosa Brooks was born in New York, US.

Donna Brazile was born on 15th December 1959 in Kenner, Louisiana, USA.

Steve Schmidt was born on 28th September 1970 in North Plainfield, New Jersey, USA.

Chris Matthews is a political commentator born on 17th December 1945 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

What Are the Ratings of the Show Real Time With Bill Maher?

Bill Maher has been a guest and co-host many times in Larry’s show called Larry King Live. According to Larry King, Real Time with Bill Maher is among the best television shows.

According to the website of Common Sense Media, Bill Maher is funny, well informed about everything, but also quite crass. It also says that his jokes aim at adults as it is mostly about the use and abuse of alcohol and intoxicants. He also wants his audience to tolerate blue humor. The site gives a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Real-Time with Bill Maher has a rating of 7.3 out of 10 on IMDb. It has not received sufficient reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Where Can We Watch The Nineteenth Season Of The Show Real Time With Bill Maher?

There are many websites available on the Internet through which you can stream the show. The most famous one is Amazon Prime, but it is available only in selected regions.

You can also watch it on Disney Hotstar, but a subscription is needed.

It is also available on HBO Max. You can buy or rent its seasons from Google Play and iTunes.


The show has already completed its 18 seasons successfully. The 19th one is on its verge to an end. You can watch it on various platforms which are mentioned above.

Keep enjoying the talk show.


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