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Which Ready to Love Couples Are Still Together? Latest Update!

Successful black men and women in their 30s and 40s are the focus of the engaging dating reality show “Ready to Love.” They are followed by cameras as they go on dates and try to woo potential partners. It’s amazing to see how people in relationships, where both partners are hoping for a permanent connection, work with the inevitable challenges that come up over time.

The show’s unscripted nature also lends a thrilling element of spontaneity. There are a lot of people who watch ‘Ready to Love,’. And so we decided to dive right in and discover which couples from prior seasons are still together. What is the answer?

Kris Green and Amber

After appearing in the fourth season of ‘Ready to Love,’ the inseparable Kris and Amber quickly became a fan favorite. Kris, a radio personality, entered the competition as an afterthought, and he and Amber immediately hit it off.

Their early promise was immediately apparent, as they impressed onlookers with their commitment and undeniable synergy. Since they seemed to be forming such a strong connection, viewers began to wonder if the two could go the distance.

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There is no evidence that Kris and Amber are no longer together even though they both prefer to avoid the spotlight and avoid discussing their private lives in public. Kris seemed very possessive of his partner during their reunion show appearance. Moreover, even though they are both committed to maintaining their privacy, Amber has posted a few photos of the couple on social media, which are a testament to their remarkable love for one another.

Symone Redwine and Rashid Floyd

Symone and Rashid didn’t hit it off at first, but they found they had a lot in common after appearing in season 3 of “Ready to Love.” Nothing could ever come between this pair when they got together, and their undying devotion and loyalty won over many followers. It was amazing and so relieving to see them fall in love without the typical drama that permeates reality television.

The chemistry between Symone and Rashid has not faded with time, and the two enjoy nothing more than publicly declaring their love for one another. Their social media presence is a testament to their bond, and it’s inspiring to see their work through disagreements and restore harmony in their relationship. We hope that Symone and Rashid have a wonderful time on their fantastic journey together.

Ida Cool and Khaleel Lott

Season 4 guest stars Ida and Khaleel did not seem to click on set. There was no indication of a romantic connection between them, leading many to believe they would ultimately end up with other people.

However, viewers were taken aback when the two appeared together on the season reunion broadcast and Khaleel announced that they were dating. Fans might have thought they wanted to keep the news under wraps if they hadn’t been fooled by Ida’s surprising anger toward Khaleel for sharing it without her permission.

Ida and Khaleel continue to keep their personal lives and relationship under wraps out of respect for each other. Nothing suggests that the couple has broken up, however, Ida has discussed her fantastic love life in a few interviews.

Shea Pegues and Michael Anthony

In addition, Shea posted to Instagram in January 2019 about her breakup with Mike. Shea remarked that although she is “usually a pretty private person,” being on the show made her feel more comfortable opening her “heart to everyone.”

“I don’t know what God has next for me, but I’ll be patiently waiting for the next door to open,” she said.

Mario Tolliver and Reva Stout

The second season of the OWN series featured both Mario Tolliver and Reva Stout. There was initial chemistry between them early in the season, but Mario eventually dumped Reva for Tondy Gallant.

Mario’s relationship with Tondy didn’t work out, but after some time apart he reconciled with Reva.

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On her 47th birthday, Mario took Reva on a tropical trip, and in January 2023, Reva shared the experience with her audience.

Ieashia and Mike

Mike and Ieashia announced they were dating after they were both eliminated early in Season 2 but continued to see each other outside of the program. They shared that they got engaged in December of this year.

On December 8th, we announced our engagement. And he’s a Cancer, whereas I’m a Virgo. Since cancers are so delicate, he admitted that he only cries when his boo isn’t around. Ieashia described him as “extremely expressive and emotional” to The Source after they got engaged. Well, there we were, at his house and his daughter was there.

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The absence of my daughter was significant. The recording was made by his daughter. What should I do about the fact that he complains every time I go home? Even though she grates on his nerves… The guy said, “I’d rather have a lousy time with you than a wonderful time with someone else.”

Although neither Mike nor Ieshia have publicly confirmed their breakup, it seems likely that they are no longer together given that Ieashia has removed all of their images from her Instagram account.

Clifton Pettie and Joi Carter

Clifton Pettie and Joi Carter, who first met on the sixth season of Ready to Love, demonstrated the show’s viability when, in September 2022, they announced their engagement. While appearing on Good Day DC, Clifton asked her to marry him.

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