What Happened to Rapper Fetty Wap’s Eye?

Rapper Fetty Wap’s Eye

Here we will discuss the Rapper Fetty Wap’s Eye and why he lost his one eye? Is he lost his eye in early childhood or in shooting as there are many rumours about it? Fetty is an American Rapper, singer or you can also call him Songwriter who lost his left eye.

Known fans of Fetty Wap are curious to know about his life as he already achieved many great things in his life.

Fetty’s actual name is Willie Junior Maxwell II and born on June 7, 1991 and currently he is 30 years old. Fetty fans are excited to know more about his personal life and are more focused to know what happened to his one eye when he became famous all his fans noticed it.

Some of the people or even we step backward when we face difficulties and go through these situations and we thought this disability will become an obstacle in our lives.

Rapper Fetty Wap’s Eye

But this situation or one eye lost didn’t become the obstacles in Fetty Wap’s life as he is strong enough to deal with his difficulties and he didn’t felt shy to come on the stage and didn’t think what other people think about him which makes him different from others and that’s why he didn’t hesitate to sing or rap with his difficulties.

He is also different as he is one of the rappers who has one eye and confidently makes his career and has success.

Now, let’s start with what happened to his eye and why he is different from others and what is the cause for the loss of his one eye?

Due to his voice and physical appearance he is different from other persons or singers and it also arouses fans’ curiosity to know what happened to his left eye.

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When Rapper Fetty Wap Lost His Eye?

Rapper Fetty Wap’s Eye

As I mentioned above he was born in 1991 and currently he is 30 years old and he lost his left eye when he was child or before his first birthday.

He didn’t reveal all these things before 2015 but when he did an interview with DJ Self on Shade 45, he let out and told that he lost his eye in an accident which left serious cause to his both eyes and not the result of shooting. Along with this he also said “When I was little, I had gotten into a little accident and it gave me congenital glaucoma in both of my eyes.”

In a simple words the accident results in damage of both the eyes due to build up of pressure on optic nerves but however doctor possibility saved his only one eye and he thanked for him and he is still have his visions and it was good for the fetty that he was blessed to see again but with one right eye.

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And due to high pressure on his optic nerve he lost his eye.

He told DJ Self: “I’m probably one of the first rappers/singers to come on the scene with one eye and be comfortable with it.”.

He also told what were the reactions of the people about his loss of one eye at the time of his first birthday and he revealed “A lot of people are judgmental, but it’s all on how you show yourself to the people.”

“That’s probably one of the main things people won’t know about me until they see me.”

Rapper Fetty Wap’s Eye

After he lost his eye was given to wear prosthetic eye but he didn’t feel comfortable in it and decided to not wear this fake eye and become habitual and more comfortable as who he is by accepting his disability.

Last Lines

Fetty wap an American Singer or the rapper lost his left eye before his 1st birthday and not in shooting as it is rumoured and all are thinking that he lost his eye in shooting but that is not true and it was revealed in 2015 in an interview what is the reason for his eye loss and when he lost his left eye.

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