Everything to Know About Randy Orton’s Net Worth

Randy Orton's Net Worth

Randy Orton is a professional wrestler and actor in the United States. He recently joined WWE’s RAW brand, where he competed.

Orton is his third-best generation wrestler. Professional wrestlers were his grandfather, uncle, and father. Randy Orton’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $7 million.

Prior to entering the WWE, he received wrestling training from the Southern Illinois Conference Wrestling and the Mid-Missouri Wrestling Association.

Orton later earned the World Wrestling Entertainment brand title “The Legend Killer.”

During a story arc in which he began to disrespect and physically attacking WWE Hall of Famers and other wrestlers, he began to disrespect and physically attack them.

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Biography and Early Years

Randy Orton was born on April 1, 1980, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Elaine was his mother’s name, and she was a trained nurse. Additionally, his father’s name is Bob Orton, and he is a veteran WWE wrestler.

Randy Orton's Net Worth

He is Bob Orton’s grandson as well as Barry Orton’s nephew. Both of them are WWE professional wrestlers. He has three brothers and sisters. Nathan is his younger brother, and he is a stand-up comedian.

Furthermore, his younger sister, Rebecca, is well-known for her struggles as a professional wrestler. Unfortunately, his family tried to persuade him to leave the profession.

On the other hand, his father cautioned him that life in the ring, like life on the road and away from his parents, is extremely difficult.

He did, however, attend Hazelwood Central High School and began wrestling as an amateur wrestler. He joined the Marines Army Force after completing his high school education.

He went AWOL on two occasions at the base in 1999 owing to disobeying laws from a commanding officer, and he received a poor conduct discharge.

But Orton is seeking retribution. Finally, he was questioned about why he needed a special court-martial. Following that, he spent 38 days in the brig at Camp Pendleton.

Career in Wrestling

Orton made his wrestling debut in 2001 with the Mid-Missouri Wrestling Association-Southern Illinois Conference Wrestling.

Randy Orton's Net Worth

He got a deal with WWE, which was then known as the World Wrestling Federation, and was relocated to Louisville, Kentucky to continue his training a year later.

During his stay in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), Orton won the OVW Hardcore Championship twice, defeating Mr. Black on February 14, 2001, and Flash Flanagan on May 5, 2001.

He began appearing on many WWF house shows in May 2001, gradually becoming a regular contender. He battled against a variety of wrestlers, including Chuck Palumbo, Shawn Stasiak, and Steven Richards, and usually in a tag-team match.

On March 16, 2002, at WrestleMania X8’s Fan Axxess, Randy made one of his earliest WWF debuts, losing to Tommy Dreamer.

His first broadcast match was on April 25, 2002, against Hardcore Holly, who won. Orton had begun to earn popularity among fans at this period.

Private Life

Orton married Samantha Speno on September 21, 2007, and their daughter Alanna was born on July 12, 2008.

Randy Orton's Net Worth

In June 2013, the divorce was finalized. Randy married Kimberly Kessler on November 14, 2015, the following year. They welcomed a daughter named Brooklyn in 2016, and they now live in St. Charles, Missouri.

How did Randy Orton become so well-known, and how did he make his net worth? Randy Orton’s net worth is estimated to be around $7 million as of 2022. His net worth must continue to plummet on a regular basis.

12 Round 2: Reloaded, Countdown, Long Shot, and Changeland are among the films on his list. In the 2019 film Christopher Brooks, he portrayed the character of Christopher Brooks.

He starred in the sequel to “The Condemned,” “The Condemned 2,” in which he played Will Tanner. In addition, he played himself on the television channel Deal or No Deal.


Orton comes from a long history of wrestlers since his grandpa, father, and uncle were all involved in the sport. Before joining WWE, he participated in the Southern Illinois Conference Wrestling and the Mid-Missouri Wrestling Association.

Randy earned the WWE ring name “The Legend Killer” after assaulting and disrespecting WWE Hall of Famers and other important wrestlers during a story arc.

He became the youngest world champion in WWE history when he won the World Heavyweight Championship in 2004.


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