‘Queen Sono’ Season 2 Release Date: Renewed Or Canceled By Netflix?


Her fight to defend South Africa and find the truth behind her mother’s murder will continue.

Queen Sono, Netflix’s first African action series, is without a doubt one of its finest expenditures ever.

The series was referred to as blaxploitation by critics, but the public appreciated seeing a sultry and strong black woman who could fight like James Bond for the first time.

Get the scoop on Queen Sono’s future.

Has Queen Sono Been Renewed For Season 2?

We take pride in being the one who delivers excellent news; Yes! The second season of Queen Sono is now confirmed! The series was renewed by Netflix in 2022.

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After Queen Sono’s story concluded in the first season, fans immediately began speculating about a second season. Fans are ecstatic to find out that their theories are correct.

When Is The Season 2 Premiere of Queen Sono?

As of this writing, there has been no official release date announced for the second season. Filming is expected to begin later this year, and the Coronavirus pandemic affecting the globe has made it more likely that filming will be delayed.

Netflix announced the premiere date for the first season on February 28 this year. After a one-year absence, fans should be ready to accept that the sequel season will not premiere in the same month next year owing to the current filming schedule.

What Will Season 2 of Queen Sono Be Like?

The narrative of the film is set in Africa during World War Two, and it focuses on an African secret agent who works for the Special Operations Group.

Queen is a highly trained and intelligent hero who works to combat evil criminal organizations in South Africa.

Behind this powerful facade lies a youngster who has been traumatized after witnessing his or her mother’s murder.

The first season consists of only six episodes, not to mention a cliffhanger ending that leads fans to believe the second season will be even more dramatic.

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We anticipate that the conflict between Queen and Ekaterina will become more severe. The Russian heiress to a crime family is determined to return, despite Queen’s efforts to prevent her from doing so.

‘I’m expecting things to get more difficult and emotional,’ Queen star Pearl Thusi stated to Entertainment Weekly. If we get another season, if we move ahead, I’m expecting things to be a lot more difficult for her than they have been previously. I think this is only the beginning. ‘I was just getting ready.’

Although the identity of Queen’s mother’s murderer has not yet been revealed, we’re anticipating learning more about it in the following season. She was asked whether there would be any more information on Leigh’s death in Season 2 by EW. She said:

I believe that finding the facts is only the beginning of the adventure. It’s a completely different challenge to come to terms with reality. There are some facts I discovered after my mother’s death that took me years to deal with, so I believe it expresses similar sentiments.

There’s no doubt that there’s a fresh sense of bereavement, not just because Mazet is gone, but also owing to the fact that Queen now comprehends her own mother’s death in a different light. ‘Only the surface is true,’ says Rexha, who studies at the University of Arts. ‘It’s how Queen handles it and how to continue a legacy that we can dig deeper into.’

We also witnessed Queen’s father in the conclusion, which will undoubtedly have a role to play in season 2’s plot.

‘At the moment, I have no idea what the writers have planned for him,’ Thusi continued. ‘I’d be ecstatic to discover more about it.’

Who Is Playing Queen Sono Season 2?

The anticipated return of Pearl Thusi as Queen Sono is something we look forward to. Queen’s grandmother Mazet (Abigail Kubeka), who was murdered by Ekaterina in season one, is unlikely to return unless through flashbacks.

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Others that we are anticipating seeing are Vuyo Dabula as Sandhu, Khathu Ramabulana as William, Kate Liquorish as Ekatarina, Enhle Maphumulo as Nova, Loyiso Madinga as Fred, Sechaba Morojele as Dr. Sid, and Chi Mhend.

When Will the Official Trailer for Queen Sono Season 2 Be Released?

Netflix frequently releases trailers ahead of the program’s premiere. With no official release date in sight and filming not yet underway, it appears to be a long wait ahead. Don’t be concerned, we’ll keep you updated on everything.


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