What Happens In Queen of the South Season 5?

queen of the south season 5

Nobody said being queen was easy, and Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga) learns that lesson well in the USA Network original crime thriller Queen of the South.

Teresa was unnerved towards the end of the show’s fourth season, which premiered on Netflix in June 2020, after relocating to New Orleans, outsmarting corrupt local politicians, and outmaneuvering competing gangs.

queen of the south season 5

However, just as Teresa takes a breather, an old ally appears to remind her that she isn’t out of the woods yet. Thankfully, the cliffhanger will be resolved for fans of the show, as USA Network has renewed it for a fifth season.

There are a lot of moving components in a production like Queen of the South. Teresa is nearly always juggling various threats to her drug business and her life at any given time, as most new seasons bring a major change in the environment. Based on what we’ve learned thus far about Season 5, none of that appears to be changing.

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Release Date for Season 5 of Queen of the South

The show’s fifth season was supposed to premiere in March 2020, however, due to lockdown limitations imposed by the Coronavirus epidemic, production has been delayed indefinitely since March 2020.

However, it will be followed by the previous season, which will air in June of each year. Season 5 of Queen of the South premiered on April 7, 2022. On June 9, 2021, USA Network broadcasted the fifth season finale.

The Plot of Season 5 of Queen of the South

The popular drama La Reina del Sur, which aired on Telemundo, a sister network of the United States, was adapted into Queen of the South. Both series, which are both live-action adaptations of author Arturo Perez-work Reverte’s La Reina Del Sur, are based on it.

queen of the south season 5

Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga) is the principal character of the series, a poor Mexican woman who rises from the slums to become the dictator of the world’s largest drug empire. Throughout the series, it follows her rise to fame in the male-dominated drug sector.

Trailer for Queen of the South Season 5

On March 5, 2022, the show’s official YouTube account posted the season five trailer, which can be seen below. According to the trailer, the film’s ending will be explosive, action-packed, and exhilarating.

The Cast of Queen of the South Season 5

In the series’ final season, the whole cast from the previous season will return to their roles. Teresa Mendoza, called “Queen of the South,” leads the cast (played by Alice Braga).

Former Hemky Madera actors Pote Galvez and James Valdez, Alonzo Loya (as Nick Sagar), and Alejandro Barrios (as Chicho) make cameo appearances in new roles. Season 5 was cut short when Tony Parra (Julian Silva) was killed by an explosion in the fourth season finale.

Molly Burnett will be recognized by members of Mendoza’s cartel as Kelly Anne, played by Molly Burnett, who is now a series regular. Pasha Lychnikoff has added Kostya to the cast. James Valdez was a regular cast member in the previous season.

Spoilers for Season 5 of Queen of the South

Teresa’s life was shattered when she learned of his murder, but she will soon be sinistral again. Boaz dropped over backward after murdering King George to kidnap Kelly Anne Van Awken, who was pregnant.

queen of the south season 5

Kelly Anne was apprehended while she and Pote Galvez were in the gym for a scan. He was out of the vicinity at the time. Pote appeared to be screeching in his drive, thwarted and enraged at the prospect of losing a fan and an esophagus infant.

The eighth episode of Queen of the South, Todo Lo Que Toco, will air next week. On USA Network on Wednesday, May 26th. Pote saw hurling himself into the side of this advertisement for the next episodes, carrying two pistols. He’s solidly slugging at someone, but the person he’s after hasn’t come out.


The series finale of Queen of the South aired all the way back in June of 2021 if you watched it live on the USA Network. If you’ve been following the popular Alice Braga-led Netflix series, you’ll know that Season 4 premiered about two years ago (in June of 2020).

What, two years?! Thankfully, all ten episodes of the fifth and final season will soon be available on Netflix.

The series, which is based on Arturo Pérez-best-selling Reverte’s novel “La Reina Del Sur,” chronicles the narrative of Teresa Mendoza (Braga), a woman forced to flee the Mexican cartel and seek safety in America, and her eventual rise to power over her own drug-trafficking empire.

In addition to “Queen of the South,” Telemundo, USA’s sister network, produced a Spanish-language version of the novel.


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