Queen Elizabeth II’s Net Worth: Which Properties Are Owned by the Royal Faimly?

Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth

One of the richest people in the world is Queen Elizabeth II. She is actually one of the richest royals. What makes Queen Elizabeth II so wealthy, then? And how much money is she worth? We’ll examine Queen Elizabeth II’s wealth and its origins in more detail. In addition, we’ll look at a few intriguing financial details. Remain tuned!

Queen Elizabeth II’s Net Worth

In 2022, Queen Elizabeth II’s net worth is projected to be $500 million. Her extensive property holdings, inheritance from her father, King George VI, investment portfolio, and various other sources of income all play a part in her wealth, which she owes in large part. In order to better understand her income sources, we will attempt to do so here.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Financial Sources

Since King George III made a deal in the late 18th century, the British royal family has been supported by tax dollars. The royal family receives a fixed annual payment known as the Sovereign Grant, which comes from public resources.

The grant amount was set at slightly more than 86 million pounds for 2021 and 2022. These resources are used to pay for a range of costs, such as travel, security, and official engagements. The grant also aids in paying for the upkeep of royal residences like Buckingham Palace. The Sovereign Grant can be used to cover expenses related to the throne succession, even though it is typically only used to support the queen and her close relatives.

The British royal family has many different sources of income, including the Sovereign Grant. Private investments, rented property, and money from the sale of authorized merchandise are a few additional sources.

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The History of the Royal Company

“the Firm” is a common term for the British royal family. Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher popularised this moniker when she likened the monarchy to a corporation. It’s easy to see how she could have reached that conclusion. Property, artwork, and investments are just some of the many types of wealth held by the royal family. The total worth of these possessions is roughly $28 billion.

Assets, Bequests, and Real Estate

Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth

The value of the royal family’s property portfolio is estimated to be $17 billion. Not only do they have palaces and official residences, but they also have a large number of private homes and properties that are rented out in order to generate income. The estimated value of Buckingham Palace is around $1.55 Billion, making it the most valuable property in the royal portfolio.

The other notable properties owned by the Royal Family are:

  • The Crown Estate: $19.5 billion
  • Buckingham Palace: $4.9 billion
  • The Duchy of Cornwall: $1.3 billion
  • The Duchy of Lancaster: $748 million
  • Kensington Palace: $630 million
  • The Crown Estate of Scotland: $592 million

In Regards to the Crown Property:

In the United Kingdom, the monarchy owns a vast collection of properties known as the Crown Estate. The estate is not the monarch’s personal property; rather, it is overseen by the Crown Estate Commissioners, a semi-independent public body.

Retail parks, offices, apartments, farmland, forests, and rivers are all part of the Crown Estate’s extensive property portfolio.

For the fiscal year ending in 2022, the Crown Estate reported a net revenue profit of $312.7 million in June 2021. Compared to the previous year, this was a $43 million increase. The rise was primarily attributable to a rise in rental income from office and retail properties.

The Crown Estate is able to weather real estate market swings thanks, in part, to its diversified portfolio of assets. The Estate’s financial success bodes well for the British economy and the monarchy.

Sandringham House: A country mansion owned by the monarchy and used as a weekend getaway. Sandringham House is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $65 million.

Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth

Windsor CastleWindsor Castle, where the queen resides, is one of the world’s largest inhabited castles. Experts put Windsor Castle’s price tag at roughly $490 million.

Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth

The Privy Purse

The Privy Purse, also known as “The Duchy of Lancaster,” is a collection of properties and assets that have been in the hands of the British monarchy since the 14th century and are used to generate private income for the monarch.

According to data published on the Duchy of Lancaster’s website for March 2022, the Duchy had net assets of $652.8 million. This equated to a surplus of $24 million. Real estate and cash and other financial investments are examples of such assets. After taxes, the Queen receives a net of $24 million to use however she sees fit (typically to cover costs not covered by the Sovereign Grant).

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As a result, the Duchy of Lancaster is crucial to the maintenance of the British monarchy’s financial status. The Queen may have to reduce her spending if she does not receive this windfall. As a result, the next time you see a picture of the Queen in a horse-drawn carriage or at a fancy state dinner, think back to the historic Duchy of Lancaster and how it made it possible.


About $3 billion is the estimated value of the royal family’s investment holdings. Stocks, bonds, and private equity are all included in this broad category of assets.

The Queen is worth an estimated $500 million, making her one of the world’s wealthiest individuals. She is the daughter and granddaughter of English monarchs, so she inherited a significant portion of the family fortune. The Queen’s wealth has grown, however, because of her astute investment choices over the years.

The Queen is the proud owner of many valuable assets, including Balmoral Castle and Sandringham House, in addition to her vast financial fortune. These figures will continue to evolve over time, but her warm character and generosity will live on in our memories. We send our deepest sympathies to her loved ones at this time of loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

A fortune of $28 billion, owned by the royal family

As of 2021, the monarchy reportedly has nearly $28 billion in unmarketable real estate assets. That sum includes $19.5 billion for the Crown Estate. The cost of maintaining Buckingham Palace is approximately $4.9 billion.

Is the Queen a Billionaire?

Despite being the monarchy’s wealthiest member, Queen Elizabeth II did not amass a fortune of one billion dollars. According to the annual Sunday Times Rich List, the queen’s fortune dropped by 20 million pounds in 2020.

Who Owns Buckingham Palace?

Buckingham Palace and other occupied Royal Palaces do not belong to Her Majesty the Queen. Crown Estates reside in them and hold them in trust for the Sovereign and future generations. Balmoral Castle and Sandringham House are not government-funded properties that belong to the Queen.