Quebec locks further in fear that its hospitals will collapse

“We are in a race against time,” said Premier Franோois Legold, who said Quebec are losing the race so far.

The curfew will take effect on Saturday from 8pm to 5am. Restaurants, gyms, theaters and most retail stores will be closed for at least four weeks. Legalt calls it “trauma therapy” and he believes it should not be extended.

Elementary schools will reopen as planned next week, but more students will have to wear masks. High schools will reopen Jan. 18.

All Quebecs must be at home and travel only if absolutely necessary. Failure to comply will result in a fine of thousands of dollars.

“We’re talking about saving lives here, we’re talking about saving our health system,” Legalt said.

For weeks, several health professionals have been urging the Quebec government to lock up further, after warning that its hospital system was in trouble.

“None of us want another hard lock, but we’re in a very dangerous situation right now,” said Dr. Marina Klein, research director and epidemiologist at McGill University Health Center.

Over the months, Quebec has seen a steady increase in new cases, hospitalizations and corona virus deaths.

Quebec’s Ministry of Health data shows that 1,400 people are currently hospitalized with Covit-19, the second largest province in Ontario, with 76 new hospitals added on Tuesday alone.

A Quebec health advisory committee warned in December that the Quebec hospital could run out of capacity by the end of January if hospital admissions continue to increase.

Klein says the area restrictions that have been in place in Quebec since the fall are ineffective against the spread of the virus.

Travel to Canada during Govt-19: Things to Know Before You Go

“It’s like a slow torture. It’s very effective to fight an alternative solution and do something very, very hard for a very short period of time,” Klein says. He said health workers were exhausted and depressed because many were infected or already infected with the virus.

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Canada is tackling the stubborn second wave of the virus, which is now growing more rapidly day by day, according to public health officials.

“Covit-19 spreads to all ages and has the highest infection rates of all ages. However, nationally, infection rates are very high among people aged 80 and over and they are at high risk for serious consequences,” Dr. Theresa warned on Wednesday by Canada’s chief public health official Tom. In the statement.

“The downward effects of high disease activity over weeks and months continue to be seen in the increasing number of acute illnesses and deaths …”

Ontario, where two of the five Canadians live, is handling hospitalization despite imposing its own provincial-level lockout on Dec. 26. The Ontario government says it is closely monitoring Quebec and is considering drastic measures.

The province of Ontario in Canada will be closed the next day for Christmas

“I always say everything is on the table, but let’s see where the numbers go,” Ontario’s Prime Minister Doug Ford told a news conference on Tuesday.

Legalt says businesses and schools are not the main source for the spread. Instead, private, community gatherings inside homes led to the crisis. He said circuit breaker type locking is now necessary.

“My concern at the moment is that we are facing a potential introduction to a more contagious strain that is now being seen in the UK, and if it is to be caught by the control epidemic we already have, we are talking about a situation we have not seen before,” Dr. Klein said.

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