Putin acknowledges that he wants to improve relations with the United States – DNOTICIAS.PT

Russian President Vladimir Putin today said he wants to improve relations between his country and the United States, with the summit held in Geneva on the 16th with his rival Joe Biden.

"We need to find a way to regulate these relations, which are currently in a very bad state," Putin agreed at an economic forum in St. Petersburg.

In Putin's view, the main cause of tensions with the United States is not political conflicts, but the desire of Americans to "lock up" Russia.

"We have no disagreement with the United States. They have only one disagreement: they want to stop our growth, they say publicly. Everything else develops from that position," the Russian president explained, and his country's relations with the United States became "politically hostage" in Washington. .

Putin also rejected Western criticism of Russia's lack of democracy compared to the United States.

The Russian president has noted the suppression of protests in Russia, with authorities detaining supporters of former US President Donald Trump during the January 6 Capitol invasion and using "rubber bullets" against protesters.

In his speech to the Economic Forum, Putin criticized the dominance of the dollar in the international economic system, saying that Russia was in favor of European countries paying for gas in euros.

"We are ready to consider the possibility of agreements on national currencies (…). The euro is acceptable to us as a kind of gas allowance.

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