PS5 Released: Check Availability on Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Best Buy and more

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This is it, folks: As of today – Thursday, November 12 – Sony PS5 is officially available in the US. Two versions of the PlayStation 5 are now available: the $ 400 digital only version and the $ 500 model with Blu-ray. (If you have good broadband and do not need optical discs – used games, Blu-ray movies, older PS4 games – we recommend you Go with $ 400.)

What you get in the box.

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This may seem like good news, especially since Sony’s booking window is back in September, with a small number of gamers frustrated by broken pre-order sites, bad communication and almost instant sales-outs. But our advice is not to boost your confidence. If you haven’t already booked a console successfully, don’t expect to be able to get into Best Bike next Thursday and pick one up from the shelf. The release will be online only, And we expect very low inventory later in the year.

But there is new hope for the release date: Walmart has publicly promised to hit online inventory within 3 hours of the release date:

We still expect them to go on sale immediately, but you know when you can start pressing the update button.

Are you careful to spin the roulette wheel? Below we have compiled all the retailers where you can land a console. Happy hunting.

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Check out Amazon’s page for the digital version of Amazon 400 via the button below, or, if you prefer, For $ 500 with the PS5 Blu-ray.

Best Pie offers For $ 500 with the PS5 Blu-ray As well as the $ 400 digital version (which you can find by clicking the button below). The retailer also offers its numerous ornaments PS5 landing page.

Get the $ 400 digital version at Walmart by clicking the button below, or try to snatch the price For $ 500 with the PS5 Blu-ray.

A Tweet this week, Walmart indicates that there will be four times a day that you can buy PS5 online on November 12th: 12 noon, 3 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm.

The target will be delivered For $ 500 with the PS5 Blu-ray In addition to the PS5 digital version, you can find it by clicking the button below.

First published at the beginning of the year. Updated with the latest news about PS5.

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