What is Grayson “the Professor” Boucher’s Net Worth? Here’s Everything You Wanna Know About Him!

professor net worth

Grayson Boucher has had a long and successful career as The Professor, one of the most well-known professional streetball players in the United States. Professor has a wealth of more than $2 million.

He became rich by playing basketball on the streets of New York City and by acting. The name “The Professor” came from the fact that he always wore glasses and never played without them.

Early Life of Professor 

Professor” Grayson Scott Boucher was born on June 10, 1984. He grew up in the U.S. city of Keizer, Oregon, where he was born. Professor went to McNary High Institution for his first two high school years.

professor net worth

For his last year, he was moved to the private Salem Academy. In that state, he was named to the all-state team. He could only go to Chemeketa Community College because he had no other choice. He was on the college basketball team when he was in college.

Personal Life of Professor

He is not dating anyone at the moment. There are hardly many individuals that recognize the name Boucher. His personal and professional lives are different creatures. Therefore, he likely has a spouse or a romantic interest, but he never brings it up in conversation.

Net Worth of Professor

Grayson is said to have a $2 million fortune. But when he played streetball, he only had a net worth of $2 million.

Grayson has taken up streetball and acting after he was thrown off the basketball squad. He was a living myth among moviegoers.

Among the world’s best boxers, Adrien Broner and Bernard Hopkins stand out. Thanks to his success on YouTube, he was able to earn $500,000 while professionally playing streetball.

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He started paying attention in 2004 when he entered the field of marketing. He became an international superstar very rapidly.

He experiences the same thing when he participates in streetball games, namely, a steady stream of ESPN appearances. He’s doing the same thing by signing up for the Ball up a tour in 2011.

Grayson generates money through streetball and the AND1 Mixtape Tour” DVD series.

For this reason, it was determined to create a child-friendly model for teaching purposes. Because he was a young streetball player when he joined the squad.

Acting Career of Professor

Due to his fame, Boucher has been in a lot of movies starring basketball players. In the final game of the Will Ferrell movie Semi-Pro, he played the point guard of the opposing team and was featured in the DVD extras.

In the movie Ball Don’t Lie, which was based on the same-named book, Boucher played Sticky. The movie was finished and shown at numerous film festivals across the nation, but it was never made available on DVD or Blu-ray.

professor net worth

Boucher adopted the persona of Spider-Man, a superhero he created, for his YouTube series. He dressed as Batman and visited a number of basketball courts in Los Angeles to play against unaware opponents.

The first episode received 14 million YouTube views within a week of its debut. Shaquille O’Neal tweeted the video in addition to it appearing on ESPN’s website, which helped it gain even more notice.

There were also plans for the third episode, which featured NBA star Jamal Crawford, to include other well-known basketball players. Larry “Bone Collector” Williams, a street basketball player who dressed up as Captain America from Marvel Comics, was in the fourth episode of the series.

In the sixth movie, Deadpool wore a mask that made him look like a basketball player. In the sixth episode of the show, Boucher dressed as Carnage played basketball against another player.

Boucher also started Super-Human Dribbling, a free website with drills and workouts for handling the ball that was made by Boucher.

Boucher has a YouTube page where he posts mixtapes of him playing in local basketball leagues, funny and funny films, instructional videos, and other interesting basketball videos that he has filmed himself doing.

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Street basketball career of Professor

Boucher and his brother went to see AND1 Mixtape Tour in Portland, Oregon. Boucher learned about an “open run” trial for the tour and was accepted. Aside from featuring on the tour’s website and in different promotional materials, Boucher was also heavily featured in the tour’s marketing.

professor net worth

On top of that, he has appeared in several TV shows and movies, including seven seasons of ESPN’s Streetball and five mixtape DVDs. Even while on the road, Boucher continues to practice and play professional chess. He played streetball with Ball Up after he left AND1 in January 2011.

Demetrius Spencer, Ball Up’s CEO, was introduced to him in late 2008. There are many of the same players on this tour as in the AND1 Mixtape Tour, but this one concentrates on the court instead of behind-the-scenes film. Over ten nations were visited during the worldwide tour, and there were plans for a winter tour in the United States.

Professor’s YouTube Career

As of 2021, Boucher has more than 5.5 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 950 million views in total. His YouTube account, Professor Live, has a variety of mixtapes, including videos of him playing basketball in local leagues, videos about having fun, and funny clips. He doesn’t just offer how-tos and tutorials; he also has a lot of interesting facts.

How Many Countries did Grayson Boucher Play?

professor net worth

He was a well-known streetball player who played in almost 30 countries and made a lot of money and respect for himself.

Most people have accounts on all social sites. He gets a lot of goals and trophies in his work life.

Final Verdict

We hope you learned a lot about Grayson Boucher from this post. He is a great example for many young fans all over the world. At such a young age, it’s hard to do so many things. Check out this link if you want to learn more about The Professor.

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