Pro-Palestinian protesters in Washington call for US suspension of aid to Israel

Pro-Palestinian protesters gather on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, May 29, 2021 afp_tickers

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More than a thousand people protested in Washington this Saturday (29) in support of the Palestinians and for a halt to US aid to Israel.

As the ceasefire continued, protests erupted over the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, ending 11 days of fierce fighting between Israel and the Islamic movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

"We hope to send a clear message to the US government that the days of supporting the Israeli state are over without repercussions," Washington attorney Sheriff Silmi, 39, told the crowd, adding that many protesters were displaying Palestinian flags in colors. , White, green and black.

"We will oppose any politician who continues to fund Israel with weapons. We will oppose them, vote against them, and finance them until the enemy is ousted from their positions," Silmi said.

Lama Ahmad, who lives in neighboring Virginia and is of Palestinian descent, said U.S. public opinion is shifting in favor of the Palestinian cause.

Ahmed said there was "a big change" in the United States regarding the Palestinian cause of seeking a sovereign homeland.

"We want the world to recognize that we are human, we are not terrorists," said Ahmad, 43, who grew up in the United Arab Emirates about 20 years before moving to the United States.

Silmi stressed that there is now widespread opposition in the United States to Israel's treatment of Palestinians compared to apartheid in South Africa.

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