President of the Prime Minister’s Chancellor: US President’s position on releasing patents for vaccines in response to government demands

“The position of US President Joe Biden on the issuance of patents for vaccines against Govt-19 is in line with the appointments of the government and Prime Minister Mathews Moraveki,” said Mike, the prime minister’s president. U.S. President Joe Biden on Wednesday expressed his support for the waiver of WTO rules and the suspension of pharmaceutical companies’ intellectual property rights to the COVID-19 vaccine. Such a solution is being demanded by members of the Democratic Party of America and the governments of 100 countries around the world.

The Prime Minister’s President asked on Poland’s position on on Friday After Pitton’s statement, Prime Minister Moravsky reiterated that “these patents must be issued from the beginning of the epidemic and the beginning of the vaccine campaign, and we – taking into account the challenges facing the whole of Europe and the world – do everything possible to facilitate the production of vaccines as soon as possible, so that these vaccines are available. Can be defeated. “

“So this position of the President of the United States is in complete agreement with the positions set by the Polish government and Prime Minister Matos Moraveki,” said the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Taking into account the fact that the Prime Minister should initiate an action in the EU with a request for the release of patents, Dvoசிக்k responded that the Prime Minister had “already spoken again” with the leaders of the European countries.

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India and South Africa have offered to waive intellectual property rights to vaccine patents. This will help to produce products in poorer countries where access is currently very limited. The United States has previously blocked WTO talks on the issue with several countries, but the US president, under increasing pressure, changed his position.

– We will work with rich countries to grant patents for the manufacture of vaccines – Prime Minister Mathews said on Friday Moraveki before flying to Portugal for the informal EU summit.

In a statement, US Trade Representative for Biden Administration Katherine Tai announced White House support for a proposed solution that would temporarily waive some intellectual property rights in vaccines. “This is a global health crisis, and the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 epidemic require extraordinary measures,” Tai said.

“The US administration firmly believes in protecting intellectual property, but it also supports the removal of vaccine protection to end the epidemic,” Tai added. He assured the United States that the United States would participate in WTO negotiations on the issue, but warned that the WTO decision would take time as it required consensus among all members.

The decision by US officials was welcomed by World Health Organization President Tetros Adanom Caprais, who said it was the most important moment in the fight against COVID-19.

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