Pitch Perfect 4: Release Date Is This Going To Renew This Year?


Despite the cast’s repeated hints for a fourth instalment of the Barden Bellas, Pitch Perfect 4 has yet to be confirmed.

The ensemble of the critically acclaimed franchise reunited virtually in August 2020 for a special cover of Beyoncé’s ‘Love On Top,’ with all revenues benefiting UNICEF, however the performance came with no announcement of Pitch Perfect 4.

Perhaps this is unsurprising, given that Pitch Perfect 3 garnered the series’ worst reviews to date, grossed $100 million less than the sequel, and was billed as the end of the Bellas “as we know them.”

However, if anyone can bring the fourth film to fruition, it’s the cast, and it’s a possibility until Universal states otherwise, so here’s all you need to know about a possible Pitch Perfect 4.

When Will Pitch Perfect 4 Be Released?

As of right now, a fourth film has not been confirmed, which means it lacks a release date and it’s difficult to predict when we could see it.

Fans became thrilled about the idea of a Pitch Perfect 4 when Rebel Wilson shared a selfie in October 2018 with co-stars Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, and Chrissie Fit, all of whom were holding up four fingers.

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Unfortunately, nothing has happened since that photo was taken, despite Wilson’s November 2018 tease that she would be making another “musical film in the next 12 months.” (It appears as though she was taunting Cats.)

As a result, it is hard to predict when a fourth film will be released. It must first be confirmed.

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Who Will Return for Pitch Perfect 4?

While it was rumoured that any fourth film will have a fresh gro up of Bellas, it’s now difficult to see it not featuring the performers that helped make the franchise so successful.

That includes Anna Kendrick’s Beca, Rebel Wilson’s Fat Amy, Brittany Snow’s Chloe, Anna Camp‘s Aubrey, fHailee Steineld‘s Emily (who joined the Bellas in the first sequel), Hana Mae Lee’s Lilly (AKA Esther, as we discovered in the third film), and Ester Dean’s Cynthia.

Any fourth film appears to be a result of the cast’s desire to reunite for more a cappella goodness. When Pitch Perfect 3 was released, Wilson expressed excitement about doing “four or five” more films, while Kendrick stated that the cast would continue to do so “in perpetuity.”

Camp told ET Online while promoting her new show Perfect Harmony that she was “down” for a fourth Pitch Perfect film. “I adore those girls,” she continued, “and I adore playing my part, so I would definitely be there if they needed me.”

Hopefully, any fourth film will also feature Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins reprising their roles as Gail and John, the hilariously snarky commentators.

But would the fourth film reintroduce the lads following the absence of Skylar Astin and Ben Platt in Pitch Perfect 3? Trish Sie, the director, indicated that the cancellation was due to “schedule issues” but did not rule out future appearances.

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What Is the Plot ?

The third film saw the Bellas go on what was ostensibly a farewell tour, returning three years after the second film for a USO (United Service Organizations) foreign tour.

As is customary, a competition was held, with the grand winner being the opportunity to open for DJ Khaled.

However, DJ Khaled is not interested in the Bellas; he is only interested in Beca, and after a bizarre run-in with some gangsters, Beca opens for DJ Khaled with the blessing of the Bellas, before they all play together for one final performance.

Perhaps cognizant of the fact that this was the final film, each character had a resolution – such as Beca landing a position with DJ Khaled, Aubrey reconciling with her father, Chloe being admitted to vet school, Emily returning to Barden University, and Lilly reuniting with DJ Dragon Nutz.

Thus, any scenario for Pitch Perfect 4 would have to manufacture a reunion of the Bellas, hopefully not for another competition.

Anna Camp has another vision for future films. “We want to do it till we’re elderly and living in a retirement home,” she explained to Collider, adding that they might catch up with the Bellas every five or 10 years.

“Is Fat Amy a mother? Are Fat Amy and Bumper related? How awesome would it be to watch what happens to all of these people you know and love in approximately five years? “‘.

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