Pii_email_029231e8462fca76041e – Simple Steps to Solve Your Problem .


Do you have the [pii email 029231e8462fca76041e] problem code on your Microsoft account? It’s a network error relating to your SMTP server, and the only way to fix it is to examine your program choices to see if there’s a configuration issue.

To fix such an error, double-check all settings and secure your connection by using the right port numbers and authentications. You should also verify your account settings and scan your PST files.

If you examine your PST files, you may discover several Outlook issues, which you should erase from your PC. To fix this issue, remove the old version of Microsoft Outlook and install the current version.

Pii Email 029231e8462fca76041e What Is the Error?

The STMP server error code [pii email 029231e8462fca76041e] might arise when an outgoing mail server is wrong. In this situation, go to the Tools Menu and look at the properties, as well as the SMTP address.

You’ll be able to locate the server that requires authentication. Using the “My Server” option, you may authenticate your server. Verify the SMTP port number under the “More Settings” tab, and you may need to protect your connection with an SSL as well.

What Causes the Outlook Error Pii Email 029231e8462fca76041e?

The following are some possible causes of the [pii email 029231e8462fca76041e] error.

You’ve signed in to your system with numerous accounts. Another cause might be that your cache and cookies aren’t up-to-date. The [pii email 029231e8462fca76041e] problem might potentially be caused by an older version of Outlook. Your Outlook account may be incompatible with other mail systems.

How to Resolve the Pii Email 029231e8462fca76041e Error

Check your account settings first before getting started. To do so, go to the Tools menu, pick the email account with the mistake, and then Properties. You should double-check that the SMTP server’s name is valid.

Authentication is required if the server has an authentication Checkmark in My server. Then, under More Settings, verify the SMTP Port Number, which should match the one in FAE. Determine if you require a more secure SSL connection.

Method 1 Examine the Server’s Settings.

As previously indicated, [pii email 029231e8462fca76041e] is related to the SMTP server, and to resolve this issue, you must adjust the port number. Check out the steps below:

1. Open the app panorama and the document.

2. Then, under Account Settings, select the Email tab.

3. Select the account that is displaying an issue from the email account list.

4. Then, under More Settings, go to Internet Email Settings.

5. Open the Outgoing Server tab now.

6. Click OK to confirm that My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication. The settings will be saved as a result of this.

7. Finally, click OK to see if the problem has been repaired.

Disable Antivirus Software Method 2

Also, check your antivirus program since it may be blocking your Outlook account, and you’ll need to alter your antivirus software’s parameters or turn it off.

1. Let’s look at how to stop antivirus and prevent it from connecting to the email client.

2. Select Start> Settings> Update and security> Windows security> Protection against viruses and threats> Manage settings from the Start menu.

3. Disable the settings for your antivirus program in this section.

What Are the Most Common Outlook Errors, and How Do I Fix Them?

Uninstalling Microsoft Outlook from the “Programs and Features” option is the most typical technique to fix Outlook issues.

It will just take a few minutes, and you will be able to install the most recent version of Microsoft Outlook and perhaps cure the problem. To resolve common outlook difficulties, consider emptying your cache and cookies.


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