Pete Davidson Net Worth: Do You Know How Much SNL Paid Pete?

pete davidson net worth

For those who may not be aware, the past two years have been quite hectic for Pete Davidson, and his social calendar isn’t simply crammed full of appearances with Kim Kardashian. That, too, is a major factor. If you’re wondering how Pete Davidson’s net worth has tripled since 2018, it’s because he’s still doing stand-up tours, has a successful move into movies, and has numerous sponsorship deals. In other words, his present market value is four times greater than it was four years ago. Okay!!!

Pete Davidson Early Life

Davidson was born in Staten Island, New York on November 16, 1993. Amy Davidson and Scott Matthew Davidson raised him as their own. Casey is his younger sister.

Pete’s father died tragically at the age of seven on September 11, 2001. The firefighter’s father was last seen sprinting into the Marriott Trade Center just before it collapsed in New York City on 9/11. Pete suffered a great deal as a result of the tragedy, and he later showed his sorrow by behaving badly at school.

He was prone to getting into problems. He later said that Kid Cudi’s music saved his life while he was contemplating suicide. While attending St. Francis College in 2012, Pete graduated from Xaverian High School and decided to pursue a career in comedy.

Net Worth: $8 Million
Date of Birth: Nov 16, 1993 (28 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Actor, Comedian, Stand-up comedian
Nationality: United States of America

Pete Davidson Career

At age 16, Davidson performed his first stand-up comedy routine in a Staten Island bowling alley. His first screen appearance was in the MTV comedy series Philosophy. Subsequently, he participated in other reality programs until his first televised standup was broadcast on Gotham Comedy Live, a comedy central program that features up-and-coming comedians.

He had several standup gigs and had a brief stint on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” before joining the cast of “Saturday Night Live.” He was offered the opportunity to audition because of his relationship with Bill Hader, whom he met while filming a brief role in the 2015 film “Trainwreck.”

pete davidson net worth

His debut appearance occurred on September 27, 2014, the premiere of SNL’s 40th season. Pete was one of the youngest cast members of all time and the first cast member born in the 1990s. He was also one of the youngest cast members ever.

His inaugural season’s performance was lauded by critics, and Davidson is frequently commended for being accessible to audiences and for criticizing delicate and taboo topics, such as the 9/11 events, which are perilously near to his own life and feelings. At the conclusion of the 44th season of Saturday Night Live, Washington Post critics hailed Davidson as the season’s breakout star and most memorable performance.

Davidson recorded his debut stand-up special for Comedy Central in April 2016. Davidson announced in January 2019 that he would tour alongside John Mulaney for a limited run of comedic events dubbed “Sundays with Pete & John.”

Pete Davidson’s Saturday Night Live Salary

Davidson, who has been working on the show as a main cast member since 2014, receives $15,000 for each episode in which he appears. Assuming Pete makes at least one appearance on each of SNL’s 21 episodes each year, his annual salary from the show is estimated to be roughly $315,000 USD. The cast members with the highest salaries earn $25,000 per episode, which comes out to almost $500,000 per year.

Pete Davidson’s Net Worth

Pete Davidson is a well-known comedian in the United States who is currently worth $8 million. Pete Davidson is probably best recognized for his work as a featured comedian on “Saturday Night Live.” He joined the show during its 40th season when he was the youngest cast member. He is also well-known for his relationships with a number of notable ladies, most notably Ariana Grande.

Do You Know How Much SNL Paid Pete?

Pete was one of Saturday Night Live’s A-list cast members prior to his season 47 departure (womb), and as a result, he was paid handsomely for his cuteness, humor, and charm. On Celebrity Net Worth, he probably earned $7K for each episode of the show he was a part of in 2014. [*busts out elementary school multiplication skills] each season of SNL has 21 episodes. That means Pete made about $147,000 in his first season as a professional basketball player.

However! SNL cast members reportedly receive a MAJOR pay raise after five seasons, with their episode salary rising to $15K (equivalent to $315,000 over the course of a 21-episode season). By the way, according to reports, Pete, who is now a household name thanks to his work on Saturday Night Live, made about $25,000 per episode (or $500,000 a year) when he was on the show. Because this hasn’t been confirmed, the emphasis is on “likely.”

Pete Davidson Personal Life

Between the years 2014 and 2015, Pete dated comedian Carly Aquilino, and between 2016 and 2018, he dated Cazzie David. He is best known for being engaged to Ariana Grande during the summer of 2018, but the couple ultimately decided to break off their engagement at the end of the following year. Additionally, there were rumors connecting him to actress Kate Beckinsale for a short time.

pete davidson net worth

Davidson, who suffers from Chron’s disease, has stated that he is unable to operate properly without the use of medical marijuana. Despite the fact that he has been quoted as saying that he would not be able to work on SNL without it, on March 6, 2017, he announced on Instagram that he had stopped using drugs and was sober for the first time in eight years.

This came after he had previously said that he would not be able to work on SNL without it. Later on, he made it clear in an interview with Marc Maron on a podcast that he did, in fact, still use marijuana on occasion, albeit much less frequently than before.

During Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency in 2016, he was a loud supporter of Clinton and a fan of hers. He was such a devotee that he even got a tattoo of Clinton on his leg. Pete has more than 40 tattoos, including one on his left arm that is a reproduction of the firefighter’s insignia that his father wore.

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The New York Police Department carried out a wellness check on Davidson on December 15, 2018, after he posted an Instagram message in which he expressed suicidal intentions. This post caused alarm among Davidson’s fans, friends, and ex-fiancee Grande, who all followed his account. He was located unharmed at the Saturday Night Live studios, and his only appearance that evening on the broadcast was to serve as an introduction to musical performance.

In late 2021 Pete began dating Kim Kardashian.

Real Estate

In 2016, Pete gave his mother home on Staten Island, New York, that he had purchased for $1.3 million.

Pete got himself a condo with a view of the water and a price tag of $1.2 million in December of the year 2020. The condo is located only a few blocks away from his mother’s home.