Twitter Wants Gordon Ramsey To Play Angry Chef Louis!


Gordon Ramsay has been a chef for over 20 years and he’s not afraid to show his anger. He’s also played an angry character before, so it seems like the perfect match! We want him to be Angry Chef Louis in The Little Mermaid because we love his cooking show and think he would make a great addition to the cast of characters. Sign this petition telling Disney that you want Gordon Ramsey as Angry Chef Louis in The Little Mermaid!

Twitter Wants Gordon Ramsey to Play Angry Chef Louis In ‘The Little Mermaid’

“MasterChef Junior” and “24 Hours to Hell and Back,” but the Twittersphere believes he will be perfect for the part of Chef Louis.

According to reports, Gordon Ramsay’s rage may get him a role in Disney’s live-action “The Little Mermaid.” The notoriously furious chef has been selected by Twitter users to play the role of Louis, the enraged culinary teflon bomb from The Little Mermaid. In the animated 1989 film, Ramsay has been cast as Prince Eric’s furious and ranting chef who attempted to murder and barbecue Sebastian the Crab.

There are some people who believe that the bar at Belly is up for this one-of-a-kind experience. It’s worth noting, however, that there may be a wait to eat food from Gordon Ramsay as Prince Eric’s enraged French chef, Louis.

‘Okay, hear me out,’ one fan tweeted. ‘Gordon Ramsay as Prince Eric’s angry French chef, Louis,’ they added.’ He also tweeted a photo of the enraged chef and Ramsay, with the caption “Who’s your ringleader?” “I’m very concerned that you would wish harm on someone who is showing openness.

I was just trying to show him how wonderful his new grill is! Thank you for letting me know.” The tweet went viral almost immediately, with a number of individuals applauding the choice.

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This is a petition to have Disney release an animated version of The Art of War. I’m not going to complain about anything ever again, I swear, just please, please make this happen.

It was just last week that Disney revealed Halle Bailey had been cast as Ariel, and since then, fans have been wondering who else will be cast to bring the characters back to life.

I’m not sure if you’re being serious, but I could totally see it.

It’s been reported that Melissa McCarthy may be playing the sea witch Ursula, and many others want Idris Elba to play King Triton, but he may have some competition from Terry Crews because he has stated a desire to play the part.

We’ll riot if they don’t cast him.

Despite the fact that most of the cast has been hidden, several fans believe Ramsey would be ideal to play the role of enraged chef. In the 1989 animated feature, the enraged chef has a French accent and expresses his adoration for cooking as he cavorts and sings throughout the kitchen, but things go badly awry when Sebastian escapes.

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Shut it down, and we’ve got a winner.

Despite the fact that Ramsey is not French, his professional cooking career has given him an advantage in order to play the part. In addition, he has spent a lot of time in France when he was younger, so if he’s cast, he may be able to do the accent.

If he doesn’t cram Sebastian between two slices of bread and instruct him to call himself an idiot sandwich, I’m calling the cops.

It appears that the world-famous culinary expert has never had to pursue a lobster in his kitchen, yet this job may be just perfect for him.


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