Paw Patrol 2: Is It Renewed or Canceled?

Paw Patrol 2

A sequel to the recent PAW Patrol: The Movie has been confirmed, with a release date set for October 2023. Since its launch in 2013, the PAW Patrol media franchise has taken the world of children’s entertainment by storm.

The Spin Master Entertainment-produced animation has been airing on Nickelodeon in the United States for eight seasons.

It follows Ryder, a young boy who leads the PAW Patrol, a search and rescue team of brave emergency service dogs. The series has been extremely famous around the world, resulting in widespread merchandise.

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When is PAW Patrol: The Movie 2 Coming Out?

Paw Patrol 2

While a sequel to “PAW Patrol: The Movie” has yet to be approved, Paramount Pictures could begin filming within a year following the film’s official release.

In February 2020, “PAW Patrol: The Movie” was announced, and it would be released in August 2021. (via Deadline).

Between the initial announcement that a film will be made and the release of the finished movie, there’s just over a year and a half of production time.

If Paramount Pictures announces “PAW Patrol: The Movie 2” in November 2021, and uses the release date of the previous picture as a guide, we could see a full film in theaters by the summer of 2023.

Of course, this is contingent on Paramount releasing a sequel. However, when considering the box office performance of “PAW Patrol: The Movie,” the prospects for a sequel appear to be extremely promising.

What is PAW Patrol: The Movie 2’s Plot?

“PAW Patrol” is an episodic series in which the team often solves an issue caused by a citizen of Adventure Bay in a single episode. The crew works together to save the day and learns important lessons about safety, caution, and collaboration in the process.


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The concept was explored in “PAW Patrol: The Movie,” which took the crew to Adventure City, Adventure Bay’s sister city, where the wicked Mayor Humdinger had taken power.

The PAW Patrol had earlier uncovered Humdinger’s evildoings in Foggy Bottom, leading to the antagonist’s expulsion from the town.

When the PAW Patrol is dispatched to Adventure City to rescue the residents from their new mayor’s evil schemes, Humdinger vows to eliminate the team by any means necessary. Naturally, Humdinger and his gang are the ones doing time towards the end of the movie.

During this expedition, Chase had a faith crisis, but a pep talk from Ryder helped him reclaim his fearlessness. The team also befriends a street dog named Liberty, who stands up for the team and is eventually accepted into their ranks.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Paw Patrol: the Movie 2?

There have been no formal casting announcements for “PAW Patrol: The Movie 2.” Because the major characters in “PAW Patrol” are spoken by children whose voices may change by the time the sequel is recorded, “PAW Patrol: The Movie 2” will almost certainly feature a whole new cast for both the dogs and Ryder.

This is standard procedure for the “PAW Patrol” show’s history. According to the IMDb page for the “PAW Patrol” TV show, Ryder has been played by eight different kids over the course of the franchise’s nine seasons and “PAW Patrol: The Movie.”

Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, and Rubble have all had their voices renewed on several occasions. As a result, it’s difficult to predict who will play our main ensemble of charming rescuers in the sequel.

It’s likely that the adult voice cast, which includes Kim Roberts as Mayor Goodway and Ron Pardo as both the nefarious Mayor Humdinger and PAW Patrol ally Cap’n Turbot, will return.


More adventures from the heroic puppies are on the way, which will delight PAW Patrol fans. The extremely successful pre-school show continues to spawn an abundance of toys and activities, making the show’s producers a marketing sensation.

With superhero films currently dominating the box office, family audiences will be eager to see what happens when the beloved PAW Patrol pups receive their first taste of crime-fighting action in the sequel to PAW Patrol: The Movie.


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