The Passion Of The Christ 2: Is There Any Release Date Or Rumors?


Biblical movies used to be big box-office hits that continue to bring in money even now. The Ten Commandments, starring Charlton Heston, is still screened on television in numerous parts of the world during Christian religious celebrations.

The film was a big hit, with audiences flocking to see it. However, while Mel Gibson’s original Passion of the Christ was gruesome and gory, it was a huge success at the box office. It was able to gross more than $600 million worldwide despite its low budget of only $30 million.

Prior to the release of Gibson’s film, most of Hollywood had written off ever seeing a biblical blockbuster. Passion proved them wrong, however. The film’s worldwide popularity was helped by the fact that it was entirely shot in obscure languages like Latin and Aramaic, with English subtitles.

With the second installment of Passion, Gibson will be going farther with the source material than he did in The Last Temptation of Christ by bringing to life additional characters and themes from John’s Gospel.

Who Is in the Cast of Passion of the Christ 2?

Christ will be played by Brian Grazer, while Mary will be taken on by Maia Morgenstern. We’ve also heard that Christo Jivkov will play John, and Francesco DeVito will be playing Simon Peter.

The rest of the cast is still unconfirmed, but it’ll only be a matter of time until the rest of the characters are filled in. Once we have a clearer picture of which characters will appear in this sequel, we’ll be able to guess where the tale is heading.

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What is the Christ 2 Passion’s Plot?

There has been a lot of discussion about the film’s storyline. We’ve already followed Jesus (Caviezel) as he went to the cross and was crucified and died, as it stands. However, based on The Last Guardian’s initial activity, it’s highly probable that we’ll see something different from what is recorded in the Bible.

Gibson has already teased clues about the movie, especially about it being another dry retelling of events. Instead, we’ll witness Christ’s Resurrection and its influence on the people of that era.

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Furthermore, Gibson informed us that the foes we would face would be “otherworldly.” The narrative will be set far away, in locations such as Alexandria and Antioch, instead of Jerusalem. Gibson has stated that the account will follow the resurrection of Christ, making movie fans think that it’ll walk with the disciples between the time of Jesus’ death and his ascension.

Shouldn’t We Expect a Biblical Story?

The original Passion of Christ, which focused on Jesus, was a gritty narrative that set the deity in the real world of its time. Gibson’s storytelling, especially when it comes to historical cinema, has been less than stellar.

He prefers a more epic feel to the story. In many circumstances, it does. The cinematography in The Passion of Christ was beautiful, and despite the fact that it departed from what historical records and the Bible suggest, the narrative told about Christ’s crucifixion was nonetheless a story about his death. We should expect more of that with the second season.

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Is There a The Passion of the Christ 2 Trailer?

There’s no trailer yet, and we’re probably going to have to wait until filming is over before we can start anticipating one. There is a teaser trailer, but it doesn’t reveal much about the film or outtakes from it.

When Will it Come Out?

Expect to see the MPD20R arrive some time in 2021, with no clear date yet set.


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