Guillermo del Toro maintains he has no intentions for a Pacific Rim 3 three years after the second movie. In 2013, acclaimed filmmaker del Toro made his monster movie debut with Pacific Rim, a unique sci-fi narrative that introduced the notion of Jaegers, enormous robots piloted by two human pilots fighting the Kaiju. Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, and Rinko Kikuchi featured in the film. Pacific Rim did moderately well at the box office and received favorable reviews from moviegoers, despite not being a huge hit. Pacific Rim: Uprising, starring John Boyega, was released five years later.

Critics and fans reacted differently to Pacific Rim: Uprising, as it struggled to equal its predecessor’s box office numbers. As a result, it was soon uncertain if a third edition of the Pacific Rim saga would be made. Director Steven S. DeKnight (who took over after del Toro) hinted at narrative concepts for a third Pacific Rim in the months after the film’s debut, stating it would be about “putting the gang back together.” Even back then, he confessed that he had no idea what would happen in Pacific Rim 3.

Pacific Rim 3 Updates: Will Fans Get A Pacific Rim Trilogy?

Now del Toro has spoken out on the subject, and his comments are unmistakable. Del Toro emphasized on social media that a Pacific Rim and Monster-Verse (which contains Legendary’s Godzilla and Kong flicks) crossover is not a plan for a third film. He has no intentions to return to Pacific Rim at the time, saying, “Talking just as a fan BTW – NO plans to return.”

Fans of Pacific Rim will undoubtedly be disappointed, especially because it seems like there was a lot more story to be told inside this universe. The finale of Pacific Rim: Uprising left several loose ends, and DeKnight suggested that Mako Mori’s (Kikuchi) tale is yet unfinished. It appears more plausible that the lack of a Pacific Rim 3 is due to behind-the-scenes issues such as box office results, rather than plot concerns. In that way, it’s particularly unfortunate that a world with such much promise must be curtailed due to financial constraints.

Pacific Rim isn’t completely done yet, but it will be resurrected in a different media. Netflix will broadcast Pacific Rim: The Black, an original anime that expands on the two films, sometime this year. If that series is well-received, there may be more animated spin-offs in the future.

Alternatively, in a more fascinating scenario, Legendary may decide to include Pacific Rim into their Monster-Verse, which is reaching new heights this year with Godzilla vs. Kong. Del Toro may not be planning a sequel to Pacific Rim right now, but anything can happen in the entertainment business. It might take a little time before something fresh emerges.

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Release Date of Pacific Rim 3

The audience reacted to Pacific Rim: Uprising in a variety of ways. It was well-received by everybody, yet it was also panned by others. It was the franchise’s second entry. The first half of the film drew a large crowd, while the second fell short of expectations. As a result, it’s still unclear whether the Pacific Rim saga will return for a third chapter.

Soon after Pacific Rim: Uprising was released, the film’s director, Steven S. DeKnight, better known as del Toro, gave us a clue regarding another aspect of the film. He did mention some fresh ideas and stated that he wants the entire team to work together to put them into action. He didn’t say much about his concept, though, since he doesn’t want to give away the entire narrative of the third chapter.

There is no officially announcement for Pacific Rim 3, Still there is Hope because none of the authorities demonstrated this, there’s a chance the Pacific Rim 3 will crop up again.

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Cast: Who Will Returning for Pacific Rim 3?

As there is no official statement for Pacific Rim whether it will release or not. Still, we can anticipate that who will returning for part 3 of Pacific Rim.

Hercules is Max Martini.

Tendo Choi will be played by Clifton Collins Jr.

Raleigh Becket is played by Charlie Hunnam.

Marshal Stacker Pentecost will be played by Idris Elba.

Hannibal Chau is played by Ron Perlman.

Chuck Hansen will be played by Robert Kazinsky.

Dr. Newton ‘Newt’ will be played by Charlie Day.

Dr. Hermann Gottlieb is played by Burn Gorman.

Mako Mori is Rinko Kikuchi.

Yancy Becket will be played by Diego Klattenhoff.

What Could Expect from Pacific Rim 3?

Some fans were hoping for a crossover plot between Pacific Rim and Monster-Verse. In this regard, del Toro has said unequivocally that this will not be the narrative of the third film. In reality, he stated at the time that he has no plans to produce a third film in the Pacific Rim franchise.

I’m sure this has disappointed many Pacific Rim fans. We also believe with you all that there is still enough substance for the third instalment. Pacific Rim: Uprising, the second part’s finale, maintained numerous big cliffhangers and confusing narratives. Not only that, but we’re all curious about what’s in store for our favorite characters.

Pacific Rim 3 appears to have enough substance and story remaining to tell, but it is facing serious box office returns problems. The film clearly requires a large sum of money, and we all know what occurred with the film’s second half. It’s a pity, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

Pacific Rim’s tale isn’t going to come to an end simply like that. We anticipate Netflix announcing something fresh in the property very soon. Pacific Rim: The Black, an original anime series, will be inserted someplace as a tie-in to the two previous films. Anything and anything might happen at any time; who knows whether the director will change his ideas!

We have yet to hear anything about Netflix’s upcoming anime series based on Pacific Rim, but we hope to hear something soon.

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