P-Valley Season 2: Is P-Valley Coming Back for Season 2?

P-Valley Season 2

When it comes to premium cable networks, HBO and Showtime tend to get the most attention, but upstart Starz startled everyone in 2020 with its smash series P-Valley.

P-Valley Season 2

In its first season, the drama about the lives of employees at a Mississippi strip joint received critical acclaim and high ratings, and the network wasted no time in renewing P-Valley for a second season.

The network’s decision to reveal the news in July 2020, with more than half of the first season still to air, was a significant vote of confidence.

P-Valley has swiftly become this summer’s newest must-see television series,” Starz president of originals Christina Davis told The Hollywood Reporter, “as reviewers and audiences alike are caught up by the authentic and intriguing characters that bring the Pynk to life.”

Fans can now focus on what P-Valley Season 2 will look like — and when we might get to see it — now that the show has been renewed. Here’s everything we know thus far, including new cast members who work at The Pynk and the show’s premiere date.

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In June, ‘P-valley’ Will Return to Starz

Season 2 of P-Valley will premiere on June 3rd. The last episode, which aired in September of 2020, was just over two years ago. The coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic impacted the show, as it did many others, creating considerable delays.

P-Valley Season 2

However, production on P-Valley Season 2 was completed earlier this year, after several months of filming. Elarica Johnson, Brandee Evans, Nicco Annan, Shannon Thornton, Tyler Lepley, and J. Alphonse Nicholson, among others, star in award-winning writer Katori Hall’s P-Valley.

It chronicles the day-to-day activities of The Pynk, a strip joint in the fictional Mississippi town of Chucalissa. The dancers come from various walks of life, but their shared experiences at the club have brought them together.

Season 2 of ‘p-valley’ Has Been Described as a ‘rollercoaster.’

Montavius appeared to die in a skirmish at the club in the most recent episode of P-Valley, which ended on a dramatic cliffhanger. The shooter was not identified, but it appears that finding out who shot him will be one of the main themes of the upcoming season.

“I can only say that the secret of what happened in the Paradise Room will forever bind Uncle Clifford, Mercedes, and Hailey,” Hall said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “It’s unclear whether the Delta Devoted will come after Montavius in Season 2.”


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 The scene cut to the girls getting ready for a funeral, which was actually for The Pynk, when the gun went off. Autumn rescued the club by outbidding Andre Watkins during the auction, essentially giving her the Pynk’s co-owner.

“The club’s power dynamics have radically altered, and seeing Uncle Clifford and Hailey struggle for the kingdom will be legendary.” Exciting!” In regards to their new relationship, Hall stated.

“There’s also the fact that Mercedes will continue to face the enormous Goliath of respectability politics in her life.” Will she be able to keep her dancing studio and child custody?

Will she ever be able to defeat her mother, a former pimp who has now become a pastor? “Only the passage of time will tell.”

New and Returning Characters Will Be Included in the Cast

There are some new faces on the show, in addition to all of the favorites from Season 1 of P-Valley. Snowfall actor Gail Bean will play a character dubbed Roulette, according to Shadow and Act.

Roulette is described as “a feisty wild child who actually lives up to her name—taking she’s enormous risks and breaking Whisper, a fellow dancer described as “the air to Roulette’s fire,” will be Psalms Salazar’s partner.

What Is the Plot of Season 2 of P-valley?

The first season of “P-Valley” ended with Hailey (Elarica Johnson) saving The Pynk from being purchased by casino developers after she stole money from her abusive ex-boyfriend Montavius (Cranston Johnson).

P-Valley Season 2

While we still don’t have a trailer for “P-Valley” Season 2, Katori Hall spoke with Entertainment Weekly in September 2020 about the show’s Season 1 finale and gave some hints about what to expect when “P-Valley” returns, including how Hailey becoming a part-owner of the club will drastically change things.

Hall also announced in February that “P-Valley” Season 2 will begin five months after the events of Season 1’s finale (via Starz). In addition, Hall announced that the show’s second season will include a storyline based on the real-life COVID-19 pandemic.

In particular, Hall hinted that the season will focus on how the epidemic affects the show’s major characters’ business dealings and jobs.

“Unfortunately, the pandemic has arrived and turned everything upside down, simply because this is a gathering-based company. It’s a business built on trust “Hall remarked.


Starz has published a new trailer for Season 2 of P-Valley, its critically praised series. Season 2 has been eagerly awaited by fans of the show since it was greenlit two weeks after the first episode aired.


The first season premiered in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, and the production of the second season was delayed as a result.

The series follows the dancers from the Pynk, a strip club deep in the Mississippi Delta, as well as the many types of people who frequent the venue.

Season 2 of P-Valley will provide even more of that iconic neon cinematography and the girls entering into competition gear when the Pynk starts hosting auditions for new dancers, as the teaser trailer makes clear.

Because how can you maintain a strip club functioning during a global disaster, the teaser also implies that the pandemic will be interwoven into the narratives. Pynk members are said to have faced it wearing the most beautiful masks you’ve ever seen.


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