Oxford / Astrogeneca vaccine: Another corona virus vaccine approved by the UK regulator

The UK government has said it will adopt a new immunization strategy for the vaccine, which will give priority to as many people as possible in the first of two vaccine doses before giving a second dose 12 weeks later.

This applies to both the newly approved Oxford / Astrogenogen vaccine and the already released Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine.

“This is important because more people can get the first dose faster and they can get the protection that the first dose gives you,” UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock told Sky News on Wednesday.

“Scientists and controllers have looked at the data and found that you’ve got what they call the ‘most effective protection’ from the first dose. The second dose is even more important – especially for long-term protection – but it means we can vaccinate more people faster than we have ever been before.”

The University of Oxford / UK is the first country to approve the Astrogenega vaccine. The news represents a bleak picture of the country’s optimism as its health services struggle to cope with rising infection rates. Linked to a newer, more infectious variant of the virus.

The approval comes a few weeks after the country was formed It is the first country in the world to vaccinate its citizens Competitive Pfizer / Bioentech with Corona virus vaccine.

Professor Kalam Semble, the UK’s government science adviser, welcomed what he called a new, “sophisticated approach” to Sky News, saying “a single dose approach to getting started will save a lot of people”.

According to Semble, evidence from vaccine trials has shown that a single dose not only prevents people from getting serious illnesses, but also triggers an “excellent immune response” in the weak and elderly.

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In a statement on Wednesday morning, the Institute of Pharmaceuticals and Health Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) approved the Govt-19 vaccine of Oxford University / AstroGeneca following “rigorous clinical trials and comprehensive analysis of MHRA experts’ data .

AstraZeneca said the first dose will be released on Wednesday, with UK vaccines set to begin at the start of the new year.

The University of Oxford / Astrogeneca vaccine has the potential to protect millions of people worldwide, when approved by regulators in other countries.

AstraZeneca promises to deliver hundreds of millions For low- and middle-income countries, And providing permanent immunization to those countries on a non-profit basis.

This vaccine is significantly cheaper than the approved others and, more importantly, it is much easier to transport and distribute than its competitors in developing countries because it does not need to be stored at freezing temperatures.

“I think this is the only vaccine that can be used in those systems at the moment,” Azra Ghani, head of epidemiology at Imperial College London, told CNN. “Pfizer and Moderna require freezer storage, which is not available in many systems.”

Minister: ‘Fantastic news’

Health services in the UK are on the rise as Govt-19 cases are on the rise in many regions.

A further 53,135 cases of corona virus were reported in the UK on Tuesday, breaking its daily record since the outbreak began for the second day in a row.

Dr Susan Hopkins, UK’s senior medical consultant for public health, said in a statement: “We continue to see an unprecedented number of Govt-19 infections in the UK, which is particularly worrying as our hospitals are at high risk.”

Millions of people in the UK are expected to be placed under the country’s strict “Tier 4” restrictions on Wednesday. The spread of the new variant Health officials say the virus is more contagious than other strains.

Speaking to Sky News, Hancock described the approval of the Oxford / Astrogeneca vaccine as “fantastic news” and said the country’s national health service was “ready to use, to help us recover from this epidemic in the spring at a pace that could help.”

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The Government of the United Kingdom has stated that the Oxford University / AstraZeneca vaccine has met “strict standards of safety, quality and efficacy” since its approval.

“The NHS has decades of experience in providing a clear vaccine distribution program and large-scale vaccination programs,” the report said. “It has already vaccinated hundreds of thousands of patients with the Pfizer / Bioendech vaccine, and its release will continue. Now the NHS will begin implementing their comprehensive products to expel the Oxford University / Astrogenica vaccine.”

Stud rule

Earlier, the team that developed the vaccine said it was “on average 70% effective.” A stud rule showing 90% efficiency.

“Excitedly, we have found that one of our dosage regimens is 90% effective, and if this dosage regime is used, more people can be vaccinated through a planned vaccination regimen,” said Andrew Pollard, chief researcher at the Oxford Vaccine Test. November.

The Oxford / Astrogeneca vaccine can be stored in the refrigerator at 2 to 8 செல் C (36 to 46 பார F) for at least six months.

The Moderna vaccine should be stored at minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit) – or refrigerated for up to 30 days – and the Pfizer / Biotech vaccine should be stored at minus 75 degrees Celsius (minus 103 degrees Fahrenheit) and refrigerated for five days.

The “cold chain” refrigerator is the standard storage for delivering vaccines from central locations worldwide to clinics worldwide. AstraZeneca’s vaccine has so far been “the only drug that can certainly be given to those systems,” Gani said.

Vaccines are based on different technology. AstraZeneca’s offerings – like Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine and Russia’s Sputnik V – use an adenovirus to carry genetic fragments of the corona virus into the body.

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