Outer Banks Season 3 – Is Official Release Date Out or Not? Complete Information


Each season on the Outer Banks ends with a (ridiculous, but unquestionably lovely) boom. Teen dramas have a long history of dramatic cliffhangers, and the Netflix fan favorite about a group of teenage misfits seeking fortunes down the North Carolina coast doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel.

If you’ve ever watched a teen drama, you’re familiar with the routine: Put your reservations aside. Don’t fall for the nonsense. After then, the real fun may begin. Season 1’s climax saw orphaned fugitive John B Routledge’s reckless attempt to elude police apprehension, which resulted in his crashing his boat into a tropical storm.

But he and his rich-girl sweetheart, Sarah Cameron, were soon found to have survived the shipwreck—and not only were they alive and well, but they were rescued by a boat bound for Nassau, where they would find $400 million in gold.

But wait, there’s more—season 2 ups the ante to a terrifying level. There are vehicle chases to be had! Heists! An ambulance that has been stolen! Explosions aboard the boat! Alligators are attacking!

A shady doctor and his even shadier method of patching up gunshot wounds! Wasp stings cause allergic responses! Sewer backups! In the pouring rain, a murder! Don’t worry about if anything makes sense—just take it all in.

It’ll be hard to recall everything that happened by the end of the second season, but you’ll be too high on adrenaline to care. And all you can do is clap dumbly for an encore after that momentous disclosure in the dying seconds of the finale.

Rest assured, there will almost probably be an encore. Here’s a look forward to the future—and what we know about the Pogues’ next chapter—as you recover from your OBX acid trip.

Is There Going to Be a Third Season?

Yes. With the aid of the (very thrilled) cast, Netflix renewed Outer Banks for a third season on Dec. 7. This is Twitter material that has been imported.

Jonas Pate, the show’s creator and showrunner, has previously stated that the show would have four or five seasons in total. In April 2020, he told Entertainment Weekly, “We always envisioned it as something that was probably like a four-season show, maybe five-season program, but certainly four seasons.

“We’ve kind of stretched it out a long way.” I’m simply hoped we have the opportunity to tell those stories.” He also said that “Netflix had green lit us to draft certain [season 2] screenplays before [season 1] even came out,” implying that the same may have happened for season 3.

When Will It Be Available?

The first season of Outer Banks premiered in April 2020, just as the United States was settling into lockdown. Season 2 was released in July 2021, despite the COVID-19 epidemic disrupting normal production schedules.

The show’s third season is expected to premiere in 2022—possibly in early summer—barring any delays, but no release date has been set.

Who Is Cast in the Third Season of Outer Banks?

Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, Rudy Pankow, Austin North, Drew Starkey, and Charles Esten are all set to return, according to Deadline.

Cleo will also get more screen time now that Carlacia Grant, who portrays her, has been elevated to series regular.

What Will the Third Season Be About?

Netflix has yet to provide any formal storyline specifics, although the third season is likely to continue the treasure search begun in the first and second seasons.

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The $400 million in gold is still in the Bahamas, and there’s now a bejeweled cross thrown in for good measure! Sarah’s wicked father, Ward Cameron, is hurt but alive, having formally passed the mantle to his increasingly unpredictable son, Rafe, who will no sure seek vengeance on John B and his gang.

Meanwhile, John B and Sarah have rekindled their relationship (?) and Cleo from Nassau has joined the Pogues after being stranded (presumably without food or water?) on a Caribbean island. Season 3 will likely focus on their return home, as well as their grand scheme to reclaim the cross and the gold.

The assumed reunion between John B and his long-thought-deceased father, Big John, who appears to know something about the holy garment the terrifying Limbrey wants to treat her unexplained ailment, will be the most crucial.

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What Effect Does Big John’s Reappearance Have on the Following Chapter?

Big John’s big surprise wasn’t always planned, according to Jonas Pate of TV Line. “We had a feeling we had that card.” We weren’t sure we’d play it, but around the sixth or seventh episode, as we were writing this year, we realized we might be able to,” he explained.

He went on to say that the entire event of season 2, episode 10 was supposed to serve as a diversion, leaving viewers “truly on the wrong foot.” As a result, expect Season 3 to be dominated by the return of the long-lost father.

Shannon Burke, showrunner, told Entertainment Weekly, “It’s going to be crucial and maybe the core [of season 3] really.” It’s an enormous discovery that will undoubtedly drive a large portion of the third season.

I’m really curious to see how people respond, and whether they even remember who he was!”

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