What’s the Deal With the Ending of the ‘outer Banks’ Season 2?


What happens to the Pogues in Outer Banks Season 2?

The finale of Outer Banks season 2 is here and it’s time for some answers. After a long wait, we finally get to see what happened to the Pogues after they were taken hostage by the Russians. We’re going to find out if any of them survived or if they all died at the hands of their captors. It’s been tough waiting so long but now that we know when it’ll be released, you can watch this episode on Sunday night with your friends! Watch Outer Banks’ season 2 finale on Sunday night!

‘the Outer Banks’ Season 2 the Ending of the Deal?

Season 2 of ‘The Outer Banks’ brought a slew of twists, but at least The Pogues are back together. Here’s what happened.

In the second season of Outer Banks, a fight broke out between The Kooks and The Pogues that took things to a whole new level. The next season will have a lot of twists and turns, including the return of major characters who were previously thought to be dead. Two new significant characters are introduced, and the backstory of one of The Pogues’ members is explored in greater depth. Let’s go right into the specifics of season 2 and see how it builds up the narrative for future installments. Here’s a preview of the second season, which uses much of the material from this book.

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Season 2 of ‘the Outer Banks’ Is a Follow-up to the First Season

The second season picks up where the first one left off. Sarah and John arrived in the Bahamas. The captain of the ship Terrence (Terence Rosemore) attempted to surrender the couple to the cops in exchange for $50,000 in reward money when he learned that John was a fugitive. The crew returns to Deepwater after their successful mission and meets with Terrance’s crew again. John and Sarah managed to flee, but they later join forces with Captain Terrance and his men in order to steal the gold still in Ward’s house in Nassau. Sadly, their plan failed. Terrance and the rest of his crew were taken into custody by the cops. The gold was sent to a Swiss bank by Rafe and Ward. Thanks to Cleo (Carlacia Grant), another member of Terrance’s gang, John and Sarah were able to outsmart the cops for a second time.

The Pogues thought John and Sarah were dead all this time until the two called them. Carla Limbrey, a rich widow, also contacted Pope to suggest he could assist John.

Who Is Carla Limbrey?

Carla Limbrey is a wealthy resident of Charleston. Carla claimed to Pope that she could show evidence that would clear John’s name in the killing of Sheriff Peterkin. However, we quickly discover that she is not a genuine good samaritan. She is also on the hunt for a lost treasure, especially the Cross of Saint Domingo, which she thinks may be able to cure her terminal illness.

Where Is Saint Domingo’s Cross?

In Charleston, John and Sarah encounter the Pogues for the first time. Throughout the series, we learned that Pope is a direct descendant of Denmark Tanny, the sole survivor of the Royal Merchant shipwreck. The Cross of San Domingo originated on a Spanish warship named San Jose. The Spanish boat was found by the crew of Royal Merchant on fire. Tanny kept a diary of the incident. He wrote that after the cross was transferred to the Royal Merchant, Captain Limbrey ordered his men to murder the Spaniards. Unfortunately, Limbrey’s Royal Merchant was also lost at sea, and he and his crew were all killed.

Only Tanny made it to the shore with both the gold treasure and the Cross, though. The two were kept apart. Tanny gathered a group of fellow ex-slaves and formed a church, becoming the first black pastor in America. The cross is constructed of valuable stones and gold. What elevates it even further is the Garment of Savior, a Christian relic that has the power to cure any sickness. This is why Carla Limbrey wants the cross.

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He convinces Limbrey to give him the evidence that he is innocent. After his boat exploded, Christopher Ward took the blame and it appeared as if he had perished. The cross is discovered by the Pope in an empty church that Tanny had created. Carla, on the other hand, was raped by their men. However, Rafe and his wife stole the cross away and betrayed her.

The Camerons Acquire All of the Tanny Treasures

Toward the conclusion of season 2, Rafe and his family took the miraculous cross aboard a ship bound for an island near Guadeloupe. They also hauled off Sarah. Fortunately, John and his friends were able to sneak aboard the ship by hiding in a container. They learn that Cleo is a member of the crew. The Pogues and Cleo teamed up to save Sarah and reclaim the Cross.

John saves Sarah, but the Pogues are unable to recover the cross, which Pope believes rightfully belongs to his family. Pope knows that retrieving the cross is nearly impossible, so he decides to lower it into the ocean using a crane. Rafe, however, manages to retrieve the Cross by snaring one of the ropes dangling from it with his crew.

On behalf of Pope, who has kept his family heirloom in the hands of the Camerons, the Pogues take bloody vengeance. The Camerons also owned the Royal Merchant Gold, which was considerably more valuable than the Cross. The family had millions of dollars worth of Tanny’s treasure thanks to it.

Will ‘outer Banks’ Season 2 Be on Netflix?

Even despite the many explosions and the titanic struggle on board, The Pogues lived to fight another day. The disappearances of the Kildare Island kids have caused a commotion. Pope’s father is said that he encouraged Pope to search for the family’s lost treasure, while Kiara’s parents put up missing notices.

The Pogues have been killed and are now stranded on an island in the Caribbean. While they believe them to be dead, JJ calls the “Poguelandia,” unaware of their presence. Despite the fact that the group has lost several fights with the Camerons, the battle is far from over. They all celebrated the band’s survival in a jovial manner around the bonfire. Cleo’s arrival strengthened the team, with John and Sarah’s love growing even stronger. The Pogues are intent on exacting their own form of retaliation against Ward for his misdeeds.

Conclusion of Story Outer Bank Season 2

The story’s conclusion has been discussed in many online forums since the episode aired. The season finale of ‘Outer Banks’ Season 2 left fans shocked when John, a character that had been killed off, appeared again.

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We were then treated to another major surprise right before the closing credits. John B’s father is alive! In season 1, we believed that Big John perished after washing ashore on an island, having received severe injuries. However, in the conclusion, Carla Limbrey is seen landing in Barbados, having failed to retrieve the cross during her prior assignment. Carla’s brother Renfield was slain during the mission when Rafe betrayed her. When Carla learned that the world-famous relic intended to cure her was no longer inside the cross, she was perplexed.

After receiving an unusual phone call from a resident of Bridgeport, Carla arrives at a cottage. The old man’s name was George, and he was from Ballyclare. They ran into the monster a few miles outside of town. It turned out to be Big John! Carla is approached by a man named Big John, who offers to assist her in locating the relic. In exchange, she must assist his son. Once Carla and the Pogues join forces, it’ll just be a matter of time before the Camerons get their comeuppance for all of their sins.


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