Ousama Ranking Chapter 200 Release Date, Recap & Where to Read

Ousama Ranking Chapter 200

Ousama Ranking Chapter 200 will be out soon. In the last chapter, Bojji came back to Kage, which surprised Kage and everyone else because they thought Bojji was already dead. The readers are on edge because of this new turn, so they can’t wait to read Ousama Ranking Chapter 200.

Ringi’s life was saved by Bojji, so when Ringi died, Bojji wanted to give him a proper burial and found a tree. Geslan’s lieutenant was already dead, so after their military operation was put on hold, their troop decided to go back home.

But since Bojji was dead, they took Kage with them and asked him where his body was connected. But Kage was sad about the death of Bojji, so he didn’t answer any of their questions.

Kage asked them over and over again to kill him, but they wouldn’t do it. The soldiers told him they weren’t killers, so they couldn’t do what he asked. Kage was so sad that everyone else was also starting to feel bad.

When Oyabu’s people asked him if they should help Kage, he told them that Kage was going to die soon anyway, so he didn’t care what happened to him.

But they thought Oyabu had come there to save Kage, but it seemed like he had changed his mind. Let’s tell you when Ousama Ranking Chapter 200 will come out and where you can read it online in raw format.

Recap of Ousama Ranking Chapter 199

Oyabu told them that he thought Kage would be useful to them, but since they were going to kill him anyway, he was now wondering if he had made the right choice.

Oyabu thought it was a waste of time, and one of his men said they should steal from the carriage because it would be a shame to go home empty-handed.

Oyabu told them that he was no longer interested in loot because he was sad about Bojji’s death and knew that Kage would soon die too. Oyabu wasn’t happy with how his adventure turned out, so to make up for it, he decided to see Kage die.

Ousama Ranking Chapter 200

Ringi and the other people on his team were talking about how it didn’t matter how Kage died because, in their eyes, he was just an ugly little thing. But when Oyabu came back, everyone was too focused on him, and when Kage ran away, everyone was wondering where he went.

When they saw Bojji with Kage, they were shocked because everyone thought Bojji was already dead. Kage was glad to see Bojji was okay. Everyone was surprised because they thought Lord Zaki’s instant death spell had killed Bojji.

Kage was surprised and thought it was Bojji’s ghost, but when he touched him, he realized Bojji was very much alive. Kage was thrilled to see Bojji again.

Ringi’s members were trying to get away, but Oyabu’s members hurt them with their bows before they could get away. When Oyabu saw that Bojji had come back, he was very happy.

Ousama Ranking Chapter 200 Release Date

On Monday, July 3, 2023, at 1:00 p.m. JST, Ousama Ranking Chapter 200 will come out. Here are the international dates for Ousama Ranking Chapter 200:

US: 12:00 p.m. EST Monday, July 3, 2023
Canada: 12:00 p.m. NT Monday, July 3, 2023
India: 9:30 a.m. IST Monday, July 3, 2023
Australia: 2:00 p.m. AEST Monday, July 3, 2023
Philippines: 12:00 p.m. PHT Monday, July 3, 2023
Japan: 1:00 p.m. JST Monday, July 3, 2023
South Korea: 1:00 p.m. KST Monday, July 3, 2023

What to Expect with Ousama Ranking Chapter 200?

Bojji and Kage get to Bosse, the king of Bossedom,’s castle. Bojji’s small size and lack of strength don’t impress Bosse, so he tells his guards to throw him out. But Kage steps in and tells Bosse that Bojji is a good person who should be given a chance to show what he can do.

Bosse agrees to give Bojji a chance, but only if he can pass a series of tests. The first test is a strength test. Bojji goes up against a group of warriors, and he loses easily. But he doesn’t give up, and even though he’s outnumbered and outmatched, he keeps fighting.

Ousama Ranking Chapter 200

Bosse is impressed by how hard Bojji is working, so he lets him pass the first test. In the second trial, you have to show how smart you are. Bojji is asked a bunch of questions, and he knows the right answers to all of them. Again, Bojji makes Bosse happy, so he lets him pass the second trial.

The final trial, the third one, is a test of courage. Bojji is told that he has to face his biggest fear, which is the dark. Bojji is scared, but he knows that he has to face his fear if he wants to become king. He takes a deep breath and steps into the dark.

At the end of the chapter, Bojji comes out of the darkness victorious. He has passed all three tests, showing Bosse that he deserves to be king.

Where to Read Ousama Ranking Chapter 200?

You can read Ousama Ranking Chapter 200 on the following sites:

Kodansha: The latest chapter of the manga can be found on the website of the manga’s publisher, Kodansha.

Viz Media: The English version of the manga is published by Viz Media. Their website has the latest chapter in English.

MangaPlus is a free manga app and website from Shueisha, which makes popular manga series like Ousama Ranking and publishes them.

Crunchyroll is a streaming service that lets you watch anime and manga, like Ousama Ranking. You can read Ousama Ranking Chapter 200 for free on Crunchyroll, but there will be ads. If you want to read the chapter without ads, you can sign up for Crunchyroll’s premium plan.


In the end, Ousama Ranking Chapter 200 continues the exciting story with Bojji’s unexpected return and his journey to show Bosse, the king of Bossedom, that he is worthy.

The chapter shows how strong, smart, and brave Bojji is by showing how he keeps going even when things are hard for him. Readers can’t wait to find out how Bojji gets through his problems and if Bosse will let him become king.

Ousama Ranking Chapter 200 will come out on July 3, 2023, and you can read it on sites like Kodansha, MangaPlus, Crunchyroll, and Viz Media. For fans of the series, the next chapter of this interesting manga is going to be very exciting.

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