Other Georgia Slugfest: A Brian Kemp-Stacey Abrams rematch

Trump’s continued attacks on Kemp for refusing to thwart Biden’s victory in the state make the governor of Georgia even more vulnerable, and Trump has threatened to support a primary challenge against Kemp next year. That’s all At a time when Democrats continue to infiltrate here significantly, the GOP’s position in the historically red state is being affected.

“I hope we’ve got a shot at every statewide office by 2022,” said Kelly Kirtz, Democratic Mayor of Athens, a North Georgia college town. “It would have already been true if we had given the strength of the candidates who are going to be on the ballot. But there will be no injury as Trump continues to kick sand in everyone’s face.”

Abrams, the former state House minority leader who was successfully recruited by the National Democrats to run in the Senate this year, is a long way from the Republican imprint. But the powerhouse group he formed after the defeat of Kemp in 2018, Fair Fight, raised more than $ 22 million in the month leading up to the election. Here is the floor game of Democrats who registered thousands of new voters and significantly improved.

Although she did not attend the rally of Kamala Harris, who was elected vice president for Ossoff and Warnock in the neighboring Garden City on Sunday night, Democrats celebrated her efforts to register and replace more Georgians, especially African Americans.

Ahead of the race to decide which party controls the Senate, Georgia’s Republicans are also considering a vote to oppose the Democrats’ strong initial vote count. They see Trump as the best asset to build a GOP site, but they are increasingly concerned about the turmoil he has unleashed.

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“Most Republicans are not going to say this publicly, but the president is clear in his support for David and Kelly, while he is persecuting the Republican Party of Georgia,” said former Rep. Jack Kingston (R.C.). Kemp befriended Berto in the 2014 Senate primary. “We need every vote we can get. We need unity. That’s a challenge now.”

It will not be a Cubernatorial race to shape Georgia’s political future next year: when Lofler or Warnock face a full – term re-election, the state will have another Senate race. Republicans say their goal is to blunt – or capture – Abrams-led efforts to build Biden’s 2020 victory.

“Georgia is a rival state, and I’m glad it bit a nail,” Abrams told NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. “My hope is that the Democrats will prove that November is the beginning of a model.”

Trump’s continued attacks on Kemp are splitting the GOP at a time when the party needs total unity. Rich McCormick, a Republican who narrowly lost the suburban Atlanta House race in November, was even more direct, arguing that Trump’s attacks on Kemp could make the governor more vulnerable in 2022.

“There’s a phrase in the military: You praise in public, you instruct in private,” McCormick told Lofler and Sen in suburban Atlanta on Saturday. Marched with Ted Cruz (R-Texas). “I think we can divide our party to the point where we can’t win the next election, otherwise it can win.”

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Republicans trust Trump to keep Lofler and Berdu Retain control of the Senate party. They see Trump’s visit to northwest Georgia on Monday night as important in taking the president’s supporters to the polls. Two people familiar with the planning say Kemp is unlikely to attend the rally.

“It certainly doesn’t help Kemp Kemp, the president knows that, but that’s the president,” McCormick said of Trump’s attacks. I do not want to think that he is a fighter and that is what he is doing. “

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