Oshi No Ko Season 2 Release Date Announced! Check Out the Teaser

Oshi No Ko Season 2

The first season of Oshi no Ko just ended, but the anime has already been picked up for a second season.

Oshi no Ko got a lot of attention before it came out because it was the latest story by Aka Akasaka, who wrote Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, and because it had a film-length series premiere. In the weeks after it came out, it did more than live up to the hype.

Fans and critics alike praised the anime’s great art and animation, which was wrapped around a dramatic and deconstructive story. It became so popular that it had the biggest launch in HIDIVE’s history.

Oshi no Ko was definitely one of, if not the most popular anime of the spring 2023 season, and there are already plans for a second season.

After the end of season 1, it was announced that season 2 had been officially given the go-ahead. This means that the story of Oshi no Ko will soon continue for both old and new fans to enjoy.

There aren’t many details about season 2, but the manga should make it clear what the story will be about. It’s likely to be even more dramatic than the first season.

When Does Oshi No Ko Season 2 Come Out?

With the confirmation of a second season of Oshi no Ko, the most obvious question is when it will premiere.

While season 2 was officially confirmed, no release date was provided, so season 2 will most likely not premiere until 2024 at the earliest.

Oshi No Ko Season 2

Season 2 could premiere later in the year, which does happen occasionally with anime, but that’s usually only the case with anime that was already announced to be produced in split courses, so Oshi no Ko is unlikely to follow suit.

What to Expect From Oshi No Ko Season 2?

The second season of Oshi no Ko is anticipated to adopt the Tokyo Blade manga arc. The Tokyo Blade arc is a fan favorite and will undoubtedly be a highlight of the second season.

Aqua is invited to join the Lala Lai Theatrical Company, the same theater company Ai belonged to, for their production of Tokyo Blade during the Tokyo Blade arc.

Kaburagi hypothesized that Ai met Aqua and Ruby’s father in Lala Lai, so Aqua’s involvement with Tokyo Blade will likely be an attempt to learn more about Ai’s history with them and possibly uncover his father’s identity in order to exact revenge.

Also anticipated for the Tokyo Blade arc are new characters and plot twists. Included among the new characters are members of the Lala Lai Theatrical Company and some of the actors and actresses who will appear in the Tokyo Blade production.

Oshi No Ko Season 2

The new plot twists are certain to keep fans guessing about what will happen next. The Tokyo Blade arc is a significant turning point in the Oshi no Ko story.

It is the arc in which Aqua learns more about Ai’s and his own pasts, as well as the arc in which the tone of the story becomes significantly darker. The Tokyo Blade arc is certain to be a highlight of the second season of the anime, which is sure to be a wild ride.

Is There Any Oshi No Ko Season 2 Trailer?

Who’s in Oshi No Ko Season 2?

Most of the cast should be back for Oshi no Ko season two, especially Aqua and the members of B Komachi, who just got back together. The following people play their voices:

• Aqua Hoshino – Takeo Otsuka (JP)
•Ruby Hoshino – Yurie Igoma (JP)
• Kana Arima – Megumi Han (JP)
• Miyako Saitô – Lynn (JP)
• Memcho – Rumi Okubo (JP)
• Akane Kurokawa – Manaka Iwami (JP)

Where to Watch Oshi No Ko Season 1?

Season 1 of Oshi no Ko can be watched online in English on HIDIVE, Netflix, Catchplay, Vidio, and The Roku Channel. HIDIVE is the only place where you can watch anime with an English dub.


In conclusion, fans are looking forward to Oshi no Ko Season 2. The opening theme hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s likely to be the same catchy and upbeat song, “Idol” by Gen Hoshino.

opening animation will probably be like the one from Season 1, which shows how exciting and lively the show is. Season 2 hasn’t been given a release date yet, but it’s likely that it won’t come out until at least 2024.

The second season will be based on the Tokyo Blade manga arc. New characters and plot twists will be added, and the main characters’ pasts will be explored in more depth. Season 1 of Oshi no Ko can be watched on HIDIVE, Netflix, and other sites.

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