‘Open Water 2’ Ending Mystery Revealed: Were Dan and His Friend Survive Till the End?

Open Water 2

Psychological horror films are one of the movies that make the audience intact with the concept. Movies with natural disasters or survival skills are very much enjoyed by the audience. Open Water is also one of them.

Hans Horn is the director, and Adam Kreutner and David Mitchell are the writers of the psychological thriller film that got released in 2006.

Dan Maag and Philip Schulz-Deyle are the producers of the German film.

Open Water 2

What Is the Plotline of the Movie Open Water 2 Adrift?

The story of the movie revolves around a group of three friends named Amy, James, Zach, Lauren, Michelle, and Dan. Michelle was the new girlfriend of Dan.

The group goes for a weekend cruise on the new yacht of Dan. Amy and James also bring their daughter, Sarah, on the trip. The friends decide to swim in the water, except Amy and Dan. Amy was putting Sarah on sleep and getting prepared by wearing her life jacket. She was afraid of the water because of an incident that took place in her childhood. She and her father went swimming, and her father drowned there.

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Dan scoops her into his arms and jumps in the water. The group later realizes that nobody put the ladder down, due to which they were unable to climb up over the ship. The yacht was too slippery, and the deck was quite high to climb.

They see the teenagers’ boat coming towards them and wave their hands for help. But the teenagers thought that they were greeting them, and they sailed off. The group hears Zach’s phone ringing in the hanging clothes and tries to answer it but is unable. Angrily, Zach throws the phone in the ocean.

After making various attempts, the group removes their swimsuit and ties all of them together to make a rope. After many attempts, they tie one end of the rope with the railing of the ship successfully. Instead of making a lighter person climb, heavier Zach tries to climb up the rope. But, because of his weight, the rope divides into two parts, and he falls in the water. Now, the group is half-naked and left with only half of the rope.

Open Water 2

James goes underwater to mess with the prop so that he can remove and use it. But, unfortunately, he drops the knife.

He goes underwater and catches it successfully. However, he panics underwater and smashes his head at the bottom of the boat while coming up. He falls unconscious and suffers from a skull fracture.

Zach snatches the knife from him and tries to climb up the ship. To stop him from doing so, Dan involves in a fight with him and accidentally causes Zach to stab himself.

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Afraid of the sharks that will be attracted due to blood, Michelle swims away from them and gets drowned. The dead body of Michelle was found by Dan floating free on the surface. Zach dies in the arms of Lauren, after which she seeks help by swimming until the shore. James dies due to a head injury later on. Dan unsuccessfully tries to search for the knife. He attempts to achieve a grip over the ship and makes Amy climb over his hand to reach over the ladder. Amy reaches over the deck of the ship successfully and opens the ladder for Dan to climb. Dan decides to move away and drown out of guilt, but Amy jumps off and saves him.

The next morning, the ship appears empty, and a voice is heard of Sarah crying. In the next scene, we see Amy standing over the boat with Dan’s half-covered body. Dan is either dead or is sleeping.

The Release Date: When Was the Second Part of the Movie Open Water Got Released Over the Big Screen?

Open Water 2 Adrift got released on 10th July 2006 in Cambridge. It got released on 10th August 2006 and on 20th February 2007 in Germany and the USA, respectively.

What Are The Names Of The Characters Involved In The Movie Open Water 2 Adrift?

  • Amy’s role played by Susan May Pratt
  • Young Amy’s role played by Alexandra Roach
  • Dan’s role played by Eric Dane
  • James’s role played by Richard Speight Jr.
  • Zach’s role played by Niklaus Lange
  • Lauren’s role played by Ali Hillis
  • Michelle’s role played by Cameron Richardson
  • Baby Sarah’s role played by Mattea Gabarreta and Christine Gabarratta
  • Amy’s father’s role played by Wolfgang Raach

What Are the Ratings of the Movie Open Water 2 Adrift?

Open Water 2 Adrift has received mixed reviews from the audience and critics. The budget for the movie was $1.2 million, and it gained a profit of $6.8 million over the Box Office.

It has received a score of 45% on the Tomatometer, based on eleven reviews. The audience score is 23%, based on more than 5000 ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

Open Water 2

Open Water 2 Adrift has a rating of 5.2 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can We Watch the Movie Open Water 2 Adrift?

While searching over the Internet, you will find many websites where you can watch the movie. The most famous ones are Netflix and Amazon Prime. On Netflix, the film is available only in some regions. You can subscribe to Netflix and can watch it. You can buy or rent the movie from Amazon Prime.

You can buy or rent it from Google Play and Vudu.

It is also available on Airtel Xstream.

You can start your free trial if you are new to Hulu and can watch it there.


Open Water 2 left the audience with a question that was Amy successful in saving the life of Dan. It is still unclear that Dan was sleeping or dead. What are your views on it?

You can watch the movie on the platforms mentioned above.


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