‘On My Block’ Season 4: Emotional Ending Explained!


Season 4 of On My Block is coming to Netflix on April 27th! The season finale will be airing soon and we want you to know what’s going down. We’ve got your back with an emotional ending explained for all the feels. You’ll get a recap of this season, so you can catch up before the finale airs. Plus, find out who dies in the series and how it impacts our favorite characters. And don’t worry if you’re not caught up yet – there are spoilers ahead! Click here to read more about this article!

‘On My Block’ Series 4’s Emotional Ending Explained

In the emotional season finale of ‘On My Block,’ the core four prepares to leave childhood behind and say goodbye. After four years, Netflix’s tale finally reaches an emotional conclusion.

The drama follows four teenagers in the tough inner-city Los Angeles neighborhood of Freeridge, created by Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft.

Throughout the years, we follow the kids as they navigate high school and gang life. They eventually establish a lifelong connection.

The Netflix teen comedy series that has received numerous accolades concluded its 10th and final season on October 4, 2021. The crew is ready to face the next chapter of their lives.

Unfortunately, the main four must say goodbye to a significant figure just as they prepare to accept adulthood.

The plot of season four ended with this.

Prom Pressure

The final day of school is fast approaching, but before that, the Core Four have another event to attend – prom. The closer the prom gets, the more our team is consumed by the stress that comes with it. Monse is devastated and furious when Cesar refuses her invitation to go to the dance with her. My mother’s book captivated me for days, and I’m telling you right now that it’s one of the finest novels I’ve ever read.

Monse dives deeper into her family history, learning more about her mother who abandoned her for years. She goes to her father, Brian, and informs them of her findings. Monse tells them that she desires for them to be a family again, and they agree.

However, Jamal still believes that someone is following him. Before selecting popular girl Charlize, he installs cameras in his room and continues to seek for a prom date.

Chivo is a young girl who sold her soul to the devil, earning great wealth and knowledge. As soon as she makes it back home, Chivo asks about Jamal’s marriage plans. Chivo claims that he is not following him and that he is only there because Spooky Gnomie “wants to be with him.” Jamal walks away.


The big night has finally arrived, and Monse is on the verge of saying no. She changes her mind, however, after her father informs her that she does not require a date to have fun.

Meanwhile, Ruby gets his brows trimmed and becomes anxious. As Cesar gets ready, his image appears in the mirror and instructs him on how to tie a necktie. Caesar’s father comforts him, telling him that he will be someone and make his father proud. “Yes, of course. My name is Matt Briner and I’m one of the founders of this journey.” When he turns around, however, he sees Spooky Gnomie instead.

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When Cesar requested to see Adriana, I was not expecting what happened. It was a very emotional scenario given Cesar’s heroic death in Adriana’s arms earlier.

Jamal tells his grandmother everything about his difficulties. However, I’ve noticed that he’s rather reticent to state whether or not such an event occurred. He says he doesn’t know what to do next in his life yet. Abuelita promises him that he’ll figure it out when the time comes.

Ruby, Jasmine, and Monse attend the dance and are disappointed to find that Jamal’s main prom theme is ‘Illuminati Nights.’ Charlize tells him that she is not interested in him. Monse remains alone while the couples dance. Uma eventually understands that everyone is dancing with their dates, and she becomes awkwardly lonely.

In the bathroom, Jasmine tries to encourage Monse by telling her to live her best life. Vero goes out of her way to ask for a tampon, which is rather encouraging. Jack tries again to apologize to Ana for all the pain he caused her. When she asks, he assures her that when they both reach their goals, they’ll patch things up and bury the hatchet. Monse gives one to each of them and decides to put everything behind them so they can move on.

Ruby is chosen as the new prom king, and his pals rejoice.

Who Is Stalking Jamal?

On his way out, Jamal sees Kendra looking at him outside. He’s now outside, looking at the vehicle that has been tailing him.

We learned that Noel Aroma, a Fortune 500 technology billionaire, had been watching him. Kendra gives Jamal a position after high school, and he gets him a job. Jamal accepts the offer.

During the finale of “Facetune” Monse and Cesar are about to share an intimate slow dance, but Vero interrupts them before they can begin. Later, they’re outside together, and Cesar informs her that she’s given him a glimpse of the future for the first time in his life. He also wishes to see Monse again, as well as his new wife.

Abuelita’s Death and the Core Four’s Future

The crew returns to Ruby’s house once the dance is over, and they learn a devastating piece of news. Abuelita is dead.

The crew gathers again to celebrate her birthday at her wake. In her memory, they down tequila and smoke marijuana.

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The third season starts out with a similar look to the first. A new group of youngsters emerges from the yard, just as the crew had done at the start of the first season. It’s a sign that it’s time to bid goodbye to our favorite crew and welcome a new generation of characters.

The crew discusses their strategies. Monse says she’ll be taking a year off to write her own book about their travels. Cesar will travel to Portland to assist with the raising of his new niece. Abuelita left them a final present, a map, according to Ruby. The crew is beginning to quarrel playfully, just as they used to do during Rollerworld days, while determining who will be the leader this time. The series ends.


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