NY Judge Suspends Father’s Visitation Rights With Daughter Over COVID Vaccine


A father’s visitation rights are suspended. He is asked to have mandatory COVID vaccination or keep having a track of weekly COVID tests. Until then, he is not allowed to visit his daughter. A fight for custody of the coronavirus vaccine is a matter of concern in Manhattan.

A New York judge has suspended a father’s visitation rights with his daughter. His daughter is only 3-year-old. To obtain the suspended visitation rights, he either needs to get vaccinated or be subjected to weekly COVID testing.

However, in a recent development, the father’s attorney said that his client is complying with the testing part. He wants to see his child but says it’s not a long-term solution. He says the judge went too far in this case. It is to be noted that the father had the virus,

“The only person this court was concerned about was the father, whether or not he was vaccinated. The court was not concerned about the dozens of children that this child comes into contact with, with the dozens of school personnel at the preschool,” said Lloyd C. Rosen, the father’s attorney.

“This is an incredibly important decision, and it reflects the extraordinary times that we’re living in, and the court’s ruling is designed to protect the health, the safety, and wellbeing of the child,” said Evan Schein, the mother’s attorney.

The father’s attorney plans to appeal the judge’s decision.