Number System- Classification


Mathematics is a subject that can be explained as a science that deals with shapes, geometry, statistics, numbers, and several other things. Mathematics is a developing and growing subject in every field. With time the significance of this subject has increased immensely. Mathematics being a significant concept requires a lot of effort, practice, and concentration.

It has several practical usages and is used in various situations as well. One of the concepts of this subject is the number system. It is defined as a writing system that communicates numbers. It is a mathematical representation of a given set of numbers. These numbers are expressed through various kinds of digits or symbols. This number system is further classified into 4 types. These are binary number systems, decimal number systems, hexadecimal number systems, and octal number systems.

This concept also includes a topic known as the place value chart. Place value chart is a table that denotes the position of a digit in the number. Let us now further discuss the number systems and the place value chart:

Types of Number Systems

Decimal Number System

As the name suggests, this number system has 10 as its base and uses the numbers 0-9. These digits are highly used by everyone to denote a number. These digits are used in a sequence of units, tens, hundreds, and thousands. To illustrate- The digits between 0-9 are used in forming a number such as 1467, this number includes all the digits from the decimal number system.

Binary Number System

This kind of system generally consists of 2 numerals. According to the name of this system, binary here expresses 2 and consists of the figures 0-1. This structure is generally useful in technical and digital working. When a number only consists of these two digits then the number is known to be one from this system.

Octal Number System

As it is clear from the name that this number system has eight as its base. The digits between 0 – 7 can be used to form this number system. To elaborate- Any number such as 354 that includes the digits within this limit of these numbers is known as an octal number system.

Hexadecimal Number System

This number system denotes the base 16 as Hexa means six and decimal expresses ten. So, adding both these values gives us a base of 16. In a hexadecimal system, the numbers till decimal i.e. ten are denoted the same way from 0-9 but after that, they are expressed in alphabetical form from A to F. On the other hand, in the decimal system, all these can be expressed in digits such as 0-15.

Bottom line:

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