Nightmare Before Christmas 2: When it is Returning back?


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The Nightmare Before Christmas 2 is coming out soon! This sequel will pick up where the original left off, with Jack Skellington now king of Halloween Town. But his reign has not gone as expected and he’s become bored with the same traditions year after year.

So he decides to create something new and exciting – Christmas! You can’t miss this film when it comes out in October 2019. It’ll be a perfect way to celebrate the holiday season before it starts. And if you’re feeling nostalgic, don’t worry because there are some familiar faces returning from the first film that you won’t want to miss either!

Quick Pickup:

  • Shea Ernshaw has been hired to write the sequel.
  • It is not a film!

The wait is over for Nightmare fans, as a new edition has been announced! The fans have been waiting decades for a sequel, and it appears that they will get their wish in the next several years. The book will offer a different perspective on the character of Sally, according to Disney Publishing. The novelization will pick up where the film left off, with fans able to see how the saga of Nightmare Before Christmas has progressed thus far.

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Will There Be a Feature Film?

It was announced that, following the rumors about the revival of Nightmare Before Christmas reaching notorious fans, Disney was seeking to rebuild the first part and create a new film. It was later confirmed that the narrative would follow the same characters but with an entirely new story. Finally, after a lengthy time, the manufacturing company has informed me that it will not be a film but instead a novel by the same author.

This new novel, which is told from the perspective of Sally, occurs shortly after the film’s conclusion. The yet-to-be-told love tale of Sally and Jack is what inspired it. But it’s also a coming-of-age tale for Sally, as we watch her deal with the pressure of becoming the Pumpkin Queen of Halloween Town.

‘The book will be a fun and delightful read that I’m sure readers will enjoy, particularly since the new characters are as intriguing as the original cast,’ Shea Ernshaw, the recently appointed Disney Publishing writer, added.

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The original film, which premiered in 1993, was a huge hit with critics and fans alike. It is regarded as one of Tim Burton’s finest works.

When You Can Expect the Release Date?

The return of Nightmare before Christmas will be aired in July 2022. You can watch the movie then. yet it is not confirmed by Disney but you can expect it anytime in 2022.

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