Latest News! Nicolas Cage Returns For National Treasure 3 & Spin-off TV Series Also In The Works


Benjamin Franklin Gates will be played by Nicolas Cage once again in National Treasure 3. The younger casts of the Disney+ series will star in a spin-off TV series on the same platform.

The National Treasure franchise has two major announcements for its fans! Nicolas Cage is reprising his role as Benjamin Franklin Gates for a third National Treasure film and a spin-off TV series with younger characters is on the way soon on Disney+.

According to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Cruise will reprise his role as Jack Reacher.

‘We’re certainly working on one [National Treasure] for streaming, and we’re developing another for the big screen,’ says KF.

In 2021, Walt Disney Studios already has a second National Treasure in the works. I’m not sure what’s going to happen there because they’ve been on pause for so long. You have two new heroes from Old School and New School (the YouTube series). They’re both very active….The cast of the Disney+ show is significantly younger than that.

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It’s the same idea, but with a younger cast. The last recommendation is to use a narrator. In this case, the actor would play the same character in both movies. “Every morning, when I’m reading the Wall Street Journal or watching CNBC, there are always stories about how Facebook is changing people’s lives,” says Bruckheimer.

The TV series is further along in terms of progress than the film. Speaking of the plot, Bruckheimer stated that development on the film version is still underway, whereas production on the television series has already begun.

“We have a pilot script completed and a skeleton of the future episodes,”‘ said Bruckheimer regarding the TV series.

National Treasure 3 will be directed by the original National Treasure director, Jon Turtletaub. Chris Bremner, the writer of Bad Boys for Life, will write the script.

There is still no release date for the film, and it’s uncertain when filming will begin.

Nicolas Cage has a variety of projects on deck at the moment. Cage has four projects with IMDB, including his television debut, in which he plays Joe Exotic for his version of the Tiger King series.

The cast of the new Tiger King series, which also includes Nicolas Cage, is set to debut in 2020. And fans are losing it over this one.

The first National Treasure film was released in 2004. The film is a historical action-adventure thriller about Benjamin Franklin Gates (Cage), a historian and amateur cryptologists on his journey to discover the Declaration of Independence, which contains a coded map leading to the location of America’s “national treasure.”

Book of Secrets, was released in 2007 and follows Gates’ (Cage) attempt to exonerate his ancestors in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

In the third, fifth, and seventh installments of this film series, Cage played opposite Diane Kruger (as Abigail Chase) and Justin Bartha (as Riley Poole), respectively.

The combined box office revenue for the two movies is $800 million worldwide.

It’s hard to believe that the National Treasure franchise would be the same without Cage. The news is sure to please fans.

On the other hand, fans are concerned about the future of the spin-off TV series. Will the new cast, without Cage on the show, be able to replicate the same popular formula? We’ll have to wait and see how Bruckheimer describes the series’ cast.

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A National Treasure television series is on the way from Disney Plus. There is no series without Nicholas Cage.

Nicolas Cage is a national treasure, as evidenced by this video. @disneyplus

Since the show’s current development, there has been no release date set for the Disney + TV program. However, given its present advancement, we are anticipating to hear more soon.


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