NFL Doctor on Steelers-Ravens Postponement: Results ‘should be ruled’ by science, unplanned

The NFL’s chief medical officer responded Thursday to criticism between the league and the night game Pittsburgh Steelers And Baltimore Ravens Until Sunday.

Steelers wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster One of the critics for the end of the league on Wednesday.

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He tweeted: “First the NFL is taking our pie week because another team can’t get their coveted situation together and now they are taking our Thanksgiving prime time game for the same reason. Smh. ”

Dr. Alan Siles spoke about NBC’s decision “Today.”

“I think we all want to get back to the default and a timetable. This is true not only in the NFL, but in everyday life, with schools and businesses. What we have said throughout the season is that we need to be flexible and adaptable because security is our priority. , ”He said.

“Our No. 1 priority is to make sure we keep two domains free of contaminants and to keep everyone safe, with players, coaches and staff on both sides. We kept trying to do that throughout the season. “

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For the second time this season the Steelers game was moved by an opponent’s corona virus outbreak. The Tennessee Titans Offenders earlier this year.

Regardless, the Steelers have won the first 10 games of the season.

The Ravens are said to have carried out more positive tests on Thursday, which further thwarted the chance to streamline Sunday’s game.

Sils said he still believes the game will continue.

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“We have to look at the results every day and make the best decision for the day. But in this particular situation, we feel we have a better understanding of where the exchange took place. We also feel like we have a better understanding of where that exchange window can be closed,” he said.

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“If we think they’re in the vulnerable window, we certainly do not want to put anyone on the field on any team. Currently, with the information at hand, we understand the outcome of this transfer chain and are very confident that we can play Sunday’s game safely. We have no confidence and that is why we decided to postpone the game. ”

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