New York Post for Donald Trump: Stop the madness

New York Post, a Editorial Got first-page, giant-font treatment on Monday, telling Trump to drop his unsubstantiated fight to overturn the presidential election result.

“Mr. President … Stop Insanity” Read the front page of a popular newspaper for foreign headlines. “You lost the election – here’s how to preserve your heritage.”

“Mr. President, it is time to end this dark fight,” the Post’s editorial board wrote. “You are encouraging an anti-democratic conspiracy.”

Post editorial owned by Rupert Murdoch News Corp. (NWS), Is the first time a Murdoch has been owned The news agency has distanced itself from refusing to acknowledge Trump and the election. Editorial board of the Wall Street Journal on November 6 Urged Trump to agree He was once declared a loser (other media outlets called the next day’s election, and the election college On December 14, he voted for President-elect Joe Biden). The Journal argued that Trump’s legacy would be greatly diminished if Trump’s final action was a “grave refusal to accept formal defeat.”

Fox News, which owns Murdoch’s Fox Corp., acknowledged that Biden had been elected president, although its mainstay hosts supported Trump’s refusal.

In the post, High Murdoch Lieutenant Cole Allen confirmed that he will retire from the paper in 2021. Allen was instrumental in pushing the post in the pro-Trump direction. For example, last summer, CNN reported that Allen ordered Trump to delete a story on sexual harassment charges.

But the new editorial was notable for its sharp rejection of Trump’s misinformation campaign about the election results and the multifaceted, active efforts to stay in power.

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The Post criticized Trump for undermining his election results, saying his legal team had found nothing to confirm the widespread election fraud that would have soaked the measurements in favor of Biden. The newspaper called Trump’s election lawyer Sidney Powell “crazy,” and said it was a betrayal of former Trump NSA director Michael Flynn’s opinion that Trump should impose martial law.

“Mr. President, we understand that you are angry at what you have lost, but it’s devastating to continue on this road. . “

The editorial stressed that Trump should spend the rest of his days fighting for Republicans to win Senate elections in Georgia so that Democrats do not gain control of both chambers of the legislature. The Post noted that Democrats could go beyond blocking laws and regulations that Republicans hate, threatening the legacy of a Democratic Senate president. The Post argued that Republicans would lick their wounds and listen to Trump less.

“Democrats will try to write you a timeline, frankly, you help them do that,” the editorial wrote. “King Lear of Mar-e-Lago talks about corruption in the world.”

The post echoed the concerns of Democrats and Republicans Lame-duck President Trump, unlimited to any effect And unaffected by shame, a Danger to the future of the United States. Trump warned against that attitude that he still has to fight: how Americans remember him.

“If you force yourself to spend your last days in office, threatening to burn it all down, you will remember it. Not as a revolutionary, but as a rival anarchist.”

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