New York Governor Hochul wanted a White House appointment


Kathy Hochul demanded a plum position as a US ambassador or undersecretary of commerce in exchange for being replaced as Andrew Cuomo’s 2022 running mate.

Andrew Cuomo’s aide Melissa DeRosa reached out to the White House in January. Melissa wanted to score then-Lt. Gov. Hochul a diplomatic posting to her ancestral homeland of Ireland or to Canada. The U.S. Embassy to Canada is located in Ottawa. Ottawa is less than a 6-hour drive from Buffalo. Buffalo being the hometown of the governor. If sources are to be believed then officials in President’s office laughed when Cuomo’s people asked Hochul to be nominated. Thus, when the White House made an offer to Hochul to work in the undersecretary role. she agreed to do so and started working in the Commerce Department.

But the discussion went haywire in February this year when Cuomo had to resign from his post out of disgrace. He was facing charges of sexual harassment and thus had to come down in less than seven months of office. It is to be noted, that it was his third term.

As per reports, Cuomo’s aides phoned Hochul in January. She was told that she was being forced out because Cuomo wanted a running mate from downstate with ties to the minority community.

“It’s an open secret that we are not close”, Hochul confirming the report.

She added: “This was attempted at the end of 2014, primary. This was attempted in 2018. And I’m still standing.”

It is still a matter of ambiguity that if the potential candidates under consideration included Attorney General Letitia James. Attorney General Letitia James was formerly New York City’s public advocate.

Kathy Hochul announced her plans to seek a full term as governor next year. This announcement came in mid-August, just 11 days before Cuomo actually left office.


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