The New ‘Social Distancing’ Cinema Looks Like the Galactic Senate | Latest News!


A new movie theater concept introduced by a French firm has attracted a lot of interest from Star Wars fans.

This is great news for Star Wars fans!

A French firm’s upcoming sci-fi movie theater will transport you to the Star War’s Galactic Senate.

The unique concept of Oma Cinema in Paris is built around circular pods stacked one on top of the other. The theater features a unique layout that is meant to provide the greatest movie experience possible, regardless of where you sit.

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Each pod is designed for social isolation and holds a set number of seats, making it an attractive option for complying with Covid-19 theater safety standards.

Despite its primary purpose of being functional, Star Wars enthusiasts are quick to note that the design resembles the Galactic Senate from the prequel trilogy. The Galactic Senate first appeared in The Phantom Menace, and it has been an important element of the epic space opera ever since.

The slogan is first announced as a new age of movie theater.’

‘Whereas all of the cinemas constructed for more than 50 years now are similar in terms of seating layout, this concept of a movie theater offers a cinematographic experience that is both intimate, spectacular, and immersive. Every seat in the house is the finest seat in the house.’

Since 1997, the French company has been creating cultural centers and, more significantly, movie theaters. He built two of the most famous movie theaters in Europe, the UGC Les Halles, and UGC Berc.

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Of course, Star Wars fans are ecstatic to see the concept photos. ‘Yes,’ another user responded, ‘now we can watch movies and pretend to be in the galactic senate!!!!’

Pahadad, but it does have a little upside, as you will see. Now we can watch movies and pretend to be in the Galactic Senate!!!

Another said, ‘This is ideal for me since I enjoy pretending to be a member of the Galactic Senate whenever I watch any film.’

This is ideal for me since I enjoy pretending to be a member of the Galactic Senate whenever I watch any movie.

One user wrote, “To be 3D-rendered and in a movie theater with the Senate chamber from Star Wars.’

To be a three-dimensional rendered individual in a film theater that resembles the Senate Room from Star Wars watching Tron Legacy is my dream.

However, this is not the end of Oma’s incredible plan. A service that not only caters to the needs of Chinese consumers but also delivers highly customized services, including ‘VIP-Corporate hospitality boxes,’ which are ‘table service on all or selected platforms,’ and’ exclusive VIP access to lounge and bar.’

This innovative concept is truly a game-changer in the film industry. For years, large theater chains such as AMC and Cinemark have been fierce in their quest to introduce new technology and innovation.

However, none of these firms has yet implemented this stunning seating arrangement or addressed the new concerns that emerged during the epidemic.

The Covid-19 crisis has had a substantial impact on the film industry, with many movie theaters worldwide closing as a result of government-initiated shutdowns.

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People in the United States and the United Kingdom are now driving to drive-in cinemas to watch movies in comfort. The epidemic is undoubtedly a strong incentive for theater organizations to develop innovative adaptive techniques for the “new normal.” Perhaps Oma’s design is the answer we’re searching for.


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