New Rochelle Shooting Death Suspect Arrested in Brooklyn


The New Rochelle taxi driver shoot and death case, which happened last week left the case opened, till the suspect was arrested in New York City on Sunday. The arrest was after a shootout with police officers, authorities said.

“No one was injured in the gunfire Sunday in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn”, police said. The alleged convict, Percell Lamont Ross, 52, of Covington, Virginia, surrendered to officers when he ran out of bullets, police said.

New Rochelle police were on the lookout for Ross in connection with the shooting death of Andres Valenzuela, a 62-year-old cab driver.

Officers were footing out Ross’ car near a New York City Housing Authority complex on Sunday. Ross then came out from a building and opened fire, New Rochelle Police Capt. J. Collins Coyne said.

“Several officers returned fire, but no one was hit and Ross was taken into custody safely”, Coyne said.

Coyne added that Ross was wanted for attempted murder in Connecticut and for sex trafficking in Virginia.

“New Rochelle detectives handed Ross over to the FBI”, Coyne said.