New Jersey authorities have closed the restaurant that hosted the Republican exhibition

  • Officials in New Jersey and New York on Thursday arrested a rep for attending a mask-less exhibition on Thursday. Matt Gates was slandered.
  • New Jersey Mayor Steven Blob closed Friday at a restaurant called Maritime Park, which hosted the event.
  • The event was the annual exhibition of the New York Young Republican Party, originally scheduled to take place in Manhattan, which refused to host the event.
  • Both Governors of New Jersey and New York reprimanded Kayts for attending the event, one of whom called on the Florida delegation never to return to New Jersey.
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New York and New Jersey officials are concerned that a Republican party held an exhibition Thursday with less than 150 masked people, including Florida Rep. Matt Gates.

A day after the event, New Jersey Mayor Steven Bulop closed the restaurant, Maritime Park, which hosted the exhibition, according to several outlets. Flop ordered the closure indefinitely after photos circulating on social media showing less masked participants, including Kayts.

Event a Annual Exhibition Thrown by New York Young Republican.

Flop said the restaurant will remain closed until owners develop a viable plan that describes how they will comply with the regulations and commands related to the corona virus. The plan must be submitted by the state health department.

“In Jersey City, we take Govt enforcement very seriously, and this event appears to be in violation of the governor’s executive orders,” Blob said. “This event blatantly ignores the defenses that have been put in place to further protect the community from the plague, and has put Jersey City and countless others in grave danger.”

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The exhibition took place as New Jersey continued Positive corona virus attacks have higher rates of occurrence.

New Jersey Gov. Bill Murphy slapped Kayts shortly after the incident.

“It’s blurry that people in another state would willingly risk anything,” Murphy said Tweeted. “The fact that Rep. Matt Butts – that’s Rep. Matt Gates – will take part in this is beyond pale. What an idiot.”

“Matt,” Murphy said, “you’re not welcome in New Jersey. Obviously I do not want you back in this position.”

Gates Murphy, a fierce ally of President Donald Trump, fired: “You’ll regret this tweet when you go to Florida like in other parts of New Jersey.” Tweeted.

He appeared to call on the people to oppose the restrictions in New Jersey.

Andrew Cuomo, the New York government where the event was originally scheduled to take place, called Gates “irresponsible” and said his actions “encourage people to break the law.”

“They violated New Jersey laws, and State Murphy is right to point it out,” Cuomo said.

The New York Young Republican fled to New Jersey after Manhattan reportedly refused to host the event.

Gavin Wax, head of the organization, said this is all plans to host the event at the New Jersey restaurant Daily Beast. Announced.

“There are still fewer rules in New Jersey. It’s been a while in New Jersey,” Wax said. “We found that we could do 50 in New York against 150 in New Jersey, and that made more sense.”

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But a Maritime Park spokesman told several sales outlets that the event was a “last minute booking”.

In addition to Gates, James O’Keefe, founder of the far-right activist group Project Veritas, attended the event.

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