Netflix Working On Series About Modern Greek and Roman Mythology | Complete Info!


Netflix is producing a new series with Charlie Covell that draws on Greek and Roman mythology but adds a contemporary twist.

For the geeks who can’t get enough of Greek and Roman Mythology, Netflix heard your pleas and will release Kaos soon to satiate your mythology cravings!

Netflix is featuring Kaos in an upcoming series. ‘In this irreverent comedy, a young couple’s attempts to conceive a child create havoc as their relationship is tested by the gods themselves. In this original modern retelling of Greek and Roman mythology, the creators reimagine deities, monsters, and weapons from folklore.’

gods, the Earth, and the Underworld.

Netflix has yet to release a premiere date or the cast.

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Netflix has been requested by customers on social media for a show about Greek mythology before the Mythology series was announced. Viewers were ecstatic to learn that Netflix was planning on fulfilling their request.

Netflix revealed this year that it had acquired the series from creator-writer Charlie Covell. The final season of Game of Thrones was called Kaos. It was said to be a darkly humorous reimagining of Greek mythology.

In a 2019 interview with RadioTimes, Covell said that Kaos will be “on a similar scale” to Game of Thrones but “with an End of the Worldly tone in terms of humor and music.”

It’s a ten-hour Netflix show, and I’m hoping it’ll have the same scale as Game of Thrones – but tonally, it should be End of the World-y. ‘I’m a huge fan of the Baz Luhrmann Romeo and Juliet, which is essentially a retelling of the classic tale with modern technology. It’s like something out of The Matrix or an old black-and-white silent film.’ Covell said.

We’d already heard that the first episode will be about Orpheus and Eurydice, but now executive producer Mark Gordon has added more details. According to Covell, they’re planning to begin with Orpheus’ tale. ‘…when it comes to the divine, I suppose a family metaphor works,’ Covell said. ‘It should be amusing and dark and sad.’ “The gods are like a large dysfunctional family, so you should make it funny and horrible

Covell is a British screenwriter and actor who was recently given an Outstanding Newcomer Award by the British Screenwriters’ Association for her performance in The End of the F***ing World (2018).

The All3Media and Brightstar teams will be in charge of production. The producers are Nina Lederman, Tanya Seghatchian, and John Woodward from All3Media, as well as Tania Rose-Mendez from Brightstar.

Covell recently declared that filming will begin in June 2019, with the intention of releasing the program in 2021. With the coronavirus crippling manufacturing across the world, more delays are likely. Despite the fact that they are patient, fans don’t mind the time.

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They’ve waited long enough to express their desire for something like this, and a few more months won’t kill their enthusiasm. If you were to upgrade your equipment and purchase new abilities, Kaos would be worth it.

Do you enjoy Greek and Roman mythology as well? What god do you most want to encounter in Kaos?


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