Netflix launches a series based on the world of LoL


No, you are not dreaming. The dream of almost every fan League of Legends Get real! An all-new series, completely live inside the LoL universe, with superhero characters, well-known supporting characters, plus loads of amazing puzzles and news coming later this year in Netflix.

mysterious Is the name of this beauty, the series that is wholly produced in partnership with Riot games, Every franchise owner. Did you like the news? There is still a lot of suspense about what’s going to happen – they try to piss everyone off with great curiosity – but what is known so far is:

  • The origin of the game will be explored like never before;
  • Everything will revolve around Jinx and VI;
  • What is developed in Arcade game may or may not be used in LoL;
  • The full potential of Jinx will be explored, especially with amazing and unprecedented weapons;
  • The rivalry between Piltover and Zaun will appear from the start, and may explain some of the poorly resolved nonsense in the original game;
  • With the spotlight on the rival cities, it’s possible that Viktor, Warwick or Caitlyn will appear on the small screen at some point.

Even with a lot of news, the series made sure to keep the suspense alive, as it showed the shadow of a mysterious character slipping through the walls, making Al Qaeda’s dream of revealing small information, check it out below:

There is no way to not be afraid of the images, the look is done using a special and innovative drawing technique, all in 3D, of course. Everyone says that this “different” look will end up attracting a lot of people who have never played the game before, but who love animation or animation in general. The fanbase should increase …

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The guys who live the game are already getting really excited, and almost everyone wants to experience new sensations related to LoL without even logging into the game. Other media tends to awaken new sensations, and Global Fandoms have been anxious about novelty – which we have already talked about for a long time, but has been put off countless times – on another platform. The producers guarantee that everyone will be delighted mysterious.

And when will it happen?

Expectations to be able to enjoy this wonder vary between September and December 2021. There is no exact date because – as always – it will depend on how the epidemic spreads in most countries. They want to know if there can be a big launch event, with fans, voice actors, producers, etc. in attendance.

League of Legends is growing so much in popularity all over the planet that everything associated with the game ends up becoming gigantic as well. Proof of this is that after searching for news about LoL, fans ended up putting the game on a list Most Wanted through betting sitesAnother world is getting more familiar with players.

A new image of Arcane

There is no shortage of options. The crowd chooses the best players, the most exciting battles, the strongest teams, etc. Lol attracts the desire to participate in this parallel universe even for those who do not usually play games. He who has a favorite character does not fail to try his luck and at the same time flaunts his achievements. It is another fun way to share.

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If you like series then in addition to loving LoL, you can start with excitement because the audiovisual stature has just rediscovered games. There are tons of series created based on some very well-known franchises. Among them: Tomb Rider, Cyberpunk Edgerunners, Resident Evil: Absolute Dark, and Assassin’s Creed.

Ambiguous promotional image

All of this will happen on many streaming platforms, but Netflix is ​​particularly interested in starting to invest in this lineup of series and movies with games. There is huge potential for interactive tools to be used by them, since 2018, when they released the movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Where the viewer chooses the paths that the characters can take.

It was also revealed that the broadcast aimed to “stimulate” other linear narratives, in addition to starting to launch some games exclusively. Finally, wake up to the size of this market and the millions of dollars ready to win. I just know fans will die for joy at this novelty. Wait backstage from the next seasons …

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