NEO Cryptocurrency — Successful Rebranding and Growth Prospects


For a long time, AntShares was considered the Chinese counterpart of the popular crypto-asset Ethereum because of the similar platform and platform. The main disadvantage of the Chinese currency was that it was limited. Its closed nature and sole territorial affiliation kept it from moving.

The cryptocurrency was only quoted in Asian markets. Rebranding forced it to enter the global market and take an honorable place on the list of cryptocurrencies. Today, you can profitably exchange Neo to BTC.

At the company’s office in Beijing, Microsoft became the official platform (at which AntShares CEOs announced the transfer of crypto-assets to the new platform). From that point on, it gets its new name, Neo. The press conference was impressive and promising. All that was said by its creators was managed to be quickly implemented in the coming months.

How Was the Company’s Policy Built?

The founder of NEO agreed with the view that the future blockchain system will be fully digitized in the future. And through smart technology — smart contracts. The decision was made to base the firm’s work on these criteria.

The company’s second founder, Mr. Zhang, opined that NEO was better positioned than Ethereum. Some points of technical perfection in smart contracts have been realized by the developers. As an example, the programs that the NEO Chinese cryptocurrency uses are Java, Python, Go, Kotlin, and

NEO Partners

AntShares’ old partners remain the same in the new Chinese cryptocurrency project NEO. They are Alibaba, as well as Microsoft and Wings. After the launch of the new project, well-known brands such as Bancor, Binance, and Agrello joined the program.

A couple of months after the rebranding, CoinDash and Nest Fund joined. Even today, there are updated official crypto platform messages about the new brands joining the crypto asset.

How NEO is Growing

The growth dynamics of today’s rate for NEO cryptocurrency have been known to have both ups and downs. Typically, the crypto-asset has been held at the 8 position for an extended period of time. Despite a brief rise to No. 7 and a subsequent fall to No. 10,The total market capitalization began to grow immediately after the launch of the project. At the time of writing the review, the value of the NEO was $24.

Features of NEO

The creators of the platform, when announcing the rebranding, said that the final deadline for NEO would come in 2017. This happened on June 22, as promised by the platform’s creators. It is the first shared blockchain platform. Improved code for all smart contract platforms has been implemented. The decentralization of the general trading principle has been finalized. The principles of digitization of all assets were also defined.

To put all the ideas into practice, the following efforts are being made:

  • All assets are translated into tokens.
  • New platforms for future smart contract projects are being created;
  • Identity certificates are used.
  • Identity verification is done by digitizing the database.
  • All activities within the network are compliant with the laws of the PRC (China).

NEO uses many programming languages, which makes the platform more interesting for programmers. This is a significant plus for the platform and a guarantee that the price of cryptocurrency on crypto aggregators will grow. After all, programmers do not need to be retrained.


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