Need for Speed Movie 2: Is It Happening or Cancelled?

need for speed movie 2

Last year, the franchise hopeful “Need For Speed” began at number three at the box office, but couldn’t even eke out $45 million domestically on a $66 million budget, and appeared to be doomed from the start.

need for speed movie 2

However, this is only one side of the tale. Overseas, the film grossed $159 million, and a look at last weekend’s box office for “Furious 7” demonstrates that consumers enjoy fast cars crashing into stuff.

“Need for Speed” was released with franchise objectives in mind, inspired by the success of the “Fast & Furious” saga. While Aaron Paul was fresh off the success of “Breaking Bad,” the film underperformed at the American box office, effectively killing any hope of a sequel.

That is, until “Need for Speed” made a splash at the Chinese box office and rumors of a sequel began to circulate. However, is “Need for Speed 2” Happening?

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Is Aaron Paul Going to Reignite His Fire for Need for Speed 2?

Throughout the years, it has been proved that computer games are difficult to integrate well into films.

The primary project was 1993’s Super Mario Bros, which suffered from a confusing development and eschewed the games’ cheerful tone in favor of a gloomy, shabby Blade Runner aesthetic.


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 The film was a bomb, and more duds such as Street Fighter and Double Dragon followed, yet 1995’s Mortal Kombat remains a B-movie gem.

The fundamental position of computer game films and television adaptations is improving, owing to the success of Netflix’s Castlevania and Detective Pikachu. However, the class has yet to provide a truly fantastic film, and 2014’s Need For Speed did little to elevate the class.

Following the cancellation of Aaron Paul’s vocation on Breaking Bad, the entertainer was chosen to head the cast of this massive financial plan alteration of the EA game series, alongside Imogen Poots, Dominic Cooper, and Michael Keaton.

The film’s action was more grounded than the Fast And Furious series, but despite some spectacular car chases, it was let down by a lackluster dramatization that disappointed both domestic audiences and pundits.

A sequel was reported shortly after Need for Speed’s release, although there has been little new information about it since.

Originally Announced in 2015, Need For Speed 2

To many people’s surprise, Need For Speed 2 was confirmed in 2015 as a co-creation between EA and the China Movie Channel Program Center. The plan was to make Need For Speed a global phenomenon, with the majority of the spin-off filming in China.

need for speed movie 2

Aaron Paul confirmed in a 2016 Collider interview for spine-tingler Triple 9 that he had heard thunderings regarding Need For Speed 2.

He also revealed that he had no idea what the tale would be and that his participation would be contingent on the content, but that he would be eligible for a return as a result of living it up while filming the first.

Paul has already proved his appreciation for outstanding narration by altering Jesse’s Breaking Bad finale, and his capacity to return could stimulate the substance of Need For Speed 2 to compensate for the first’s shortcomings.

Need for Speed 2 Will Not Be Released Soon

The “Need for Speed” sequel stories began in 2015, with reports indicating that China Movie Channel, Jiaflix,, and computer game company Electronic Arts were collaborating to revitalize the franchise (per IndieWire).

need for speed movie 2

Unfortunately, the endeavor has stalled since that proclamation, and if Hollywood history has taught us anything, it is that we should not hold our breath for films caught in development hell. Naturally, the sky is the limit in the same way.

Having said that, Aaron Paul appears to be returning for a “Need for Speed” sequel, but there are a few conditions. In a 2016 interview with Collider, he stated that he would return to the driver’s seat if the material electrified him.

Nonetheless, the entertainer said that he’d only recently heard thunderings regarding the film from different sources, implying that the endeavor had made no critical strides at the time.

“Need for Speed” is a well-known computer game series, so chances are it will return to the screen in some form in the not-too-distant future. It is unclear whether this will be a reboot or a spin-off.

Need For Speed Was A Box Office Flop In The United States (But Was Huge In China)

To many people’s astonishment, Need For Speed 2 was confirmed in 2015 as a co-production between Electronic Arts and the China Movie Channel Program Center.

The intention was to make Need For Speed a global phenomenon, with the majority of the sequel being shot in China. Aaron Paul said during a 2016 Collider interview for the thriller Triple 9 that he had heard rumblings regarding Need For Speed 2.

He also indicated that he had no idea what the tale would be and that his involvement would be contingent on the content, but that he would be open to returning owing to the positive experience he had while filming the original.


It’s been over a year since Need For Speed 2 was announced, implying the project has stalled. Assuming the series continues, a reboot is more likely, considering the previous film has been largely forgotten.

There is generally a remote probability that it could be recovered, but the continuation is very certainly doomed.


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