When Will National Treasure 3 Coming Out?


National Treasure 3 is coming to theaters next year! We know you’re excited, but don’t worry–we’ve got everything you need to know about the upcoming film.

Here’s what we know so far. The third installment of the franchise will be released in 2022. It stars Nicolas Cage and Diane Kruger as Benjamin Franklin Gates and Abigail Chase respectively. Read this article for more information!

-Here’s What We Know So Far About ‘National Treasure 3’

Movie enthusiasts are furious that the film they have adored for so long has taken so long to come out. However, it appears that they will have to wait a little longer!

Fans have been waiting for the longest, and they’re now really asking whether it’s worth waiting for Top-Notch to return. After the initial sequel to the famous film series was delayed, filming has been halted.

The success of this Disney adventure film was enormous at the box office. The film, on the other hand, received severe criticism from critics, leading to a polarized response from fans. This film, whether you choose to believe it or not, became the greatest guilty pleasure of the 2000s.

Let’s go back in time and add a few details to the narrative–‘National Treasure’ is about Benjamin Franklin Gates, an amateur cryptologist, and historian played by Nicolas Cage.

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He’s on the hunt for a lost treasure, and he learned of a hidden code inscribed behind the United States Declaration of Independence. To get to the national treasure, they had to solve puzzles and riddles provided in a series of codes.

A 2004 drama film about a young boy (Will Smith) who goes on an adventure to discover what happened with his father. It grossed $347.5 million against a budget of $100 million. The second film, ‘National Treasure- Book Of Secrets,’ took even more money than the first in 2007, amassing $457.4 million worldwide.

However, despite having two profitable films in a row, the third one did not make it to cinemas. The question is, will it be renewed again? Let’s find out.

Will there be a ‘National Treasure 3’?

Yes, it is! A third film is now in production!

We’ve been waiting since the game’s release in 2007, and we haven’t had much to look forward to.

Last but not least, in May 2020, Jerry Bruckheimer announced to Collider that a third film is on the way as well as a Disney+ television series.

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‘We’re looking at bringing one [National Treasure] to streaming, and we’re also looking at doing it on the big screen.’ Both of them are very active right now, but hopefully, they’ll come together and we’ll be able to offer you another National Treasure, but the cast is considerably younger for Disney+…

The one for Disney+ features a more youthful ensemble. It’s the same idea, but a younger cast. ‘The company that appears on television would have to be the same cast as the one who appears in a feature film.’

Is There anything Nicolas Cage Has to Say About The Delay?

It’s even more difficult for actors not to reference their long-standing film in interviews, as Nicholas Cage did in a conversation with Entertainment Weekly. He stated that it’s tough to come by screenplays for a film like National Treasure.

He went on to say that because the film is based on real history, the crew must be extremely accurate with the information since facts may not be changed.

However, Nicolas also observed that there is a lot of pressure on the narrative to be entertaining, given that this is a film that has done well in the past.

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As a consequence, the most difficult task is to discover the proper script for this current situation of the world. During the interview, he also seemed to imply that fans shouldn’t give up hope for a third installment, since his team is currently working on the third part of the film.

When Will ‘National Treasure 3’ Be In Theaters?

As of this update, there is no release date yet and it appears unlikely that one will be offered before the end of the year. As of October 2021, the film has yet to begin production, therefore we’ll have to wait a little longer.

We’ll keep an eye on future modifications and update this area if new information becomes available.

What Do People Want To See In ‘National Treasure 3’?

My favorite films are National Treasure and National Treasure- Book of Secrets, which I will always and eternally adore!

Book of Secrets. Why aren’t there more of these on the market? Yes, there are numerous historic components. But it’s good. But do not worry, Gattaca was a huge hit in the United States and made a profit.

I’ve been waiting 12 years to discover what was on page 47 of the President’s Book of Secrets, and I’ll spend the next 12 refreshing the National Treasure 2 Wikipedia page until there’s something noteworthy under the ‘Possible sequel’ heading.

It’s been six years since National Treasure 3 was announced, and I’m still disappointed we didn’t get one. How will I ever find out what is on page 47 of the President’s Book of Secrets if it isn’t there?

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I’m still irritated by the fact that they haven’t made a National Treasure 3 about whatever was on page 47 of The Book Of Secrets (it’s most likely about Area 51).

I’ve seen a lot of classic films, but I’ve seen National Treasure and National Treasure 2 at least 15 times each, so I believe they cancel one another out.


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