‘My Name’: Is This Series Available on Netflix?


You’ve been watching the Korean Noir Series ‘My Name’ and now you’re wondering what happened at the end? The ending of My Name is a little confusing. But don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you! We won’t spoil anything but we will give you some hints about how it all ends. Let’s start with why there are two endings to this show. There were originally three different endings filmed by director Shin Won-ho and he wanted viewers to vote on which one they liked best. He was going to release them as episodes 15, 16, and 17 so that each episode would have its own ending. But then he decided not to do that because people might get

My Name – Ending Clarified in the Korean Noir Series ‘My Name’

The action-packed drama is about a gang member who goes undercover in the police force to avenge her father’s death and features Han So-hee.

Following the enormous success of, many people had high hopes for. The eight-part drama follows Yoon Ji-woo, a young woman who is forced to work in an ice factory by her parents. She discovers that the factory traps people inside for decades and exposes them to extreme temperatures. The series is based on actual events and depicts how she survives against impossible odds. It also stars Han So-hee of She discovers the death of her father and subsequently joins a group in order to seek vengeance. His boss then sends him as an undercover officer.

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The noir series is an action-packed series that could be the next big thing from South Korea. Kim Jin-min, the series’ director, is also known for his work on the 2020’s smash hit and (2017) among other successful programs. The following contains spoilers.

‘ ‘ Plot

Ji-woo is a young woman who lives with her father, Yoon Dong-hoon, a boxing, and martial arts expert, but is rarely in the picture. His parents are separated, but his father is still alive. He is bullied at school due to his involvement with a local gang, so Ji-woo lives in fear of him. The police have also been keeping a close eye on Dong-hoon, contributing to her problems. When her father comes home to surprise his daughter on her 17th birthday, he is murdered at the door. At his burial, the head of the gang, Dongcheng Choi Mu-jin, pays a visit to his former buddy.

Ji-woo is a bright student who quits school and visits the police station on a regular basis to see how her father’s case is progressing. However, because there was not enough evidence, the police ultimately close the case. Mu-jin does not want to go home again, so she goes to see her dad. When she arrives, Ji-woo is enraged and rushes over to help her. But he also refuses her. In order to get at her family’s murderer, she embarks on a dangerous journey and eventually finds herself in severe danger, at which point Mu-jin comes to her rescue. Bik-dong’s ex-girlfriend later tells Hyeon-woo that her father was shot to death with a police gun and urges him to join the police force in order to avenge Dong-hoon’s death.

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The Trojan Horses

Ji-woo becomes a member of the Violent Crimes Unit as Oh Hye-jin, a corporal, after years of arduous training. She becomes capable of killing others and is essentially a hitman under Mu-jin. After returning to Korea, Ji-woo goes to work for the Narcotics Department. She has the weapon examined by a professional, and it turns out to be Corporal Song Joonsu’s. But the Narcotics Bureau’s captain, Cha Gio, informs her that this person had died in 2004. She learns some crucial information about the captain in a fight with an ex-Dongcheon member, Does Gang-Jae, who was banished for attempting to murder Ji-woo.

When she goes to kill Giho, she discovers that the captain has already been murdered. He also reveals some vital information to Ji-hoo, who learns that Song Joonsu is her own father. He was a narcotics officer who infiltrated the Dongcheon organization in order to bring down the drug lords from the inside. Like father, like daughter. The cast of “The Great Battle” includes Eun-Jung, a medical expert who is a member of a secret organization. His father was imprisoned as part of the project, but he does not know it. Ji-woo learns about his father’s double life as well.

‘ ‘ Ending Explained

When Mu-jin tells Ji-woo he would leave his work, she shows him the recording. He explains that it’s all because of her and how she turned his life around six months ago. At first, she believes it to be a joke, but as soon as she sees the real footage of Joon Young apologizing on TV, she When Deyn becomes enraged, Mu-jin assures her that it was not him who murdered her father because he had switched loyalties and was on hers. “Well, my father was loyal to me,” says the old man. “He didn’t hurt him.”

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