My Hero Academia Season 5: Has My Hero Academia Ended?

my hero academia season 5

My Hero Academia Season 5 debuted in Japan and on the streaming sites Funimation, Crunchyroll*, VRV (subtitles only), and Hulu on March 27, 2021. On May 8, 2021, it premiered on Toonami in the United States.

my hero academia season 5

Every Saturday at 5:30 a.m. ET, new episodes air (12:30 a.m. ET on Toonami). Episodes are originally aired subtitled on streaming services, followed by their dubbed version as it becomes available.

In terms of plot, everyone knows that the MHA manga is light years ahead of the anime. As a result, it’s reasonable if some fans can’t wait until season 6 to start thinking about switching to manga. However, you must first determine where MHA season 5 ends in the manga.

What Final Episode of MHA Season 5 based on?

For each episode of My Hero Academia, many chapters are adapted. For example, Chapters 237, 238, 239, and 240 were adapted for Season 5 Episode 24, which marked the end of the My Villain Academia arc.

Season 5 Episode 25, on the other hand, goes ahead and adapts a panel from Chapter 246 before moving on to Chapters 256 and 257. So, where did MHA anime season 5 leave off? Manga chapter 257.

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The Paranormal Liberation War plot arc will be covered in My Hero Academia Season 6, which has been officially announced. That plot arc in the manga begins in Chapter 253 and ends in Chapter 306. So, Season 5 ended in the middle of the Paranormal Liberation War arc, and the future season will hopefully wrap it up.

Khei Horikoshi had also produced 326 manga chapters at the time of writing this article, with the next chapter due out in two days. The manga is currently at the Tartarus Escapees Arc, which depicts the events following the Paranormal Liberation War.

What Is Season 5’s Main Story Arc?

The previous season of My Hero Academia was by far the most intense, with enemies who were truly terrifying, but season five begins on a much lighter tone. The antagonists should return in force in the second half of season five, although the first half adapts the manga’s Joint Training Arc.

my hero academia season 5

This plot puts Class 1-A students against Class 1-B students in a sanctioned war scenario intended to bring out the best in U.A. High pupils. Training and tournament arcs are nothing new in My Hero Academia, but none have ever involved such a large roster.

Season 5 Trailer for My Hero Academia

In connection with the season four finale, a very brief teaser trailer for My Hero Academia season 5 was released, although it doesn’t really reveal anything new that wasn’t present in the previous episode.

It’s merely another peek at Deku’s dream’s conclusion, as well as proof that season five is on the way and that “something” has awakened. You can see it right here!

Plot Summary for Season 5 of My Hero Academia

Endeavor’s tenure as the new Number One hero, as well as his efforts to rehabilitate his reputation with his family, will undoubtedly be a key storyline point in My Hero Academia season 5.

As Class 1-A plays against Class 1-B and the series’ scope continues to increase, there are likely to be more developments with everyone’s improvement at U.A. High. Season four closed with hints that this heroes-in-training were finding new methods to evolve their Quirks, and this will undoubtedly be explored in greater depth in Season five.

my hero academia season 5

Izuku Midoriya, in particular, appears to be undergoing significant changes, which will be a major feature of season five. Midoriya makes touch with what appear to be apparitions of all former One For All users in the post-credits tease.

Midoriya’s skills improved significantly in season four, but if next season’s focus is on him communicating with former heroes’ Speed Force-like energies, he may eventually be able to access all of his Quirk in a way that no hero has ever seen before.

Also, it appears that these One For All ancestors are reaching out to Midoriya for a specific reason and that a major threat is approaching. Finally, despite My Hero Academia’s continued popularity, Khei Horikoshi has stated that the series is approaching its natural endpoint, with many of his concepts for the show having run their course.

With the characters’ development, especially in the fourth season, it’s not out of the question that season five will be the show’s final year.

Has Season 5 of My Hero Academia Come To an End?

The anime series My Hero Academia has completed its fifth season. The entire anime community is now eagerly anticipating any official information on Season 6.

The fan-favorite My Hero Academia has finally confirmed the release window for its forthcoming season six, roughly half a year after its previous season ended in October of 2021.

The sixth season of the popular anime will premiere in the autumn of this year, as revealed accompanying a new image.


While the series is usually lighthearted, the recently released Season 5 adopts a more serious tone. The League of Villains received its own arc in Season 5, which was rather unusual.

In this five-episode arc, the League’s broker is kidnapped by the Meta Liberation Army, a new villain group whose purpose is to allow the free use of peculiarities.

The backstories of the League’s major members are revealed throughout the storyline, but one character’s history, in particular, takes the dark to a whole new level.