Movies That Every Woman Should Watch At Least Once in Her Life


13 Movies that every woman should watch at least once in her life. Some films provide life-changing instructions. Such gems may be found on this list. So, sit back and enjoy the ride!

There’s no denying that movies have the ability to elicit emotions in us that we didn’t anticipate. Some of the feelings may be incredibly powerful and last a long time, while others are only momentary.

There are certain films that appeal to one gender or the other. This list is not about this. Rather, it is a list of films that everyone should view in order to acquire knowledge. Furthermore, these films aid in the development of young girls’ confidence and encourage them to dream big.

To stand out from the crowd and to never allow others to bring them down.

Movies That Every Woman Should See At Least Once in Her Life

Million Dollar Baby

This film cleverly casts every preconception about a woman out of the window and correctly argues that, while age may slow us down physically, it can never dim our spirits. This is precisely the message that Maggie Fitzgerald imparts to us, and we all need to learn that our aspirations are not limited by anything.

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The Devil Wears Prada

This film, which features Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway in the leading roles, depicts Miranda Priestly as a powerful woman who runs the world. Andrea, on the other hand, is perfect in her own way.

You can identify or aspire to be one of the characters, and you won’t feel bad about it because they’re that great and how well they balance it in their own hands. The film is hilarious, and the clothing game is on point.

An Education

This brilliant movie shows Jenny Mellor as a teenager, but, not too long into the movie, you can figure out that she is quite lost. Furthermore, she is being pursued by a much older man.

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The most significant thing that the film teaches us is that anyone of us could find ourselves in a situation like this, and the best part is that her character proves it’s perfectly acceptable to be incorrect and lost at times. But, in the end, we always find our way back.


This amazing Bollywood film demonstrates how strong a woman can be, even if she is turned down at the altar. Rani instructed us that it’s wonderful to like your family and friends, but when the situation demands it, you must be firm and stand up for yourself.

Little Miss Sunshine

Olive is a girl who encourages others to reach for their dreams. She’s a chubby, glasses girl who is amazing on her own. She may doubt herself at some time, but she also knows that no one else is like her. That is something that we should all remember and follow.

Gone With The Wind

The classic film revolves around the idea of a person’s will to live and thrive, and it features a woman with a completely enormous spirit who is out in the wild trying to alter the world.

Thelma and Louise

The story of this film is both epic and heartbreaking at the same time, which it conveys so well. Since then, no other movie has been able to compare. The film follows the experiences of two women who take a vacation from their usual routine.

But, as the story develops and their world collapses around them, they are pitted against the rest of the globe in order to survive. They have each other; there is no one else.

Easy A

This film shows Olive taking the bull by the horns and embracing her new reputation as a “lesser woman.” The film’s main theme is that it’s important to have your own voice.

It also encourages young women not to let other people’s opinions influence them. This video also demonstrates how to present the parrot to people who have nothing better to do than gossip about you.

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This film is not only a fantastic art form, but it also demonstrates what happens when two powerful forces confront one another.

The remarkable life and death of Anne Frank have been called one of the most uplifting and inspiring stories about an individual, as well as a flawless illustration of women’s indomitable spirit.

The Blind Side

The film follows the career of NFL player Michael Oher, who has gone to play for the Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans before joining the Carolina Panthers.

As a result of his traumatic childhood, which includes being lost and living life as if he were dead for many years before returning from the brink of death against all odds, Vusi is now a cherished player.

His journey and transformation from a terrified kid to a coveted player is a beautiful one that demonstrates how love and a woman’s compassion can transform

Coco Before Chanel

Coco Chanel has always been a force to be reckoned with, and the film illustrates how she eventually grew to dominate an empire that is still thriving today. The tale of Coco Chanel is inspiring, and this film depicts what Coco Chanel would do herself, which is not to over-sentimentalize her hard times.


Mulan is a film that demonstrates that Disney princesses are not weak and delicate. In this film, Disney tries to break its own reputation, and it works wonderfully. The movie is action-filled, with a happy conclusion in which the hero struggles alongside the males to defend the realm from the Huns.

Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)

Two women’s love story, which depicts the bright tones of first love, is then followed by the grey mists that emerge from difficulties and the ultimate death of the love we witnessed blossoming right in front of our eyes.

It’s the most heartbreaking motion picture of all time, and the best part is that it makes a lot of noise about the fact that there are two women in it, which is where the film’s true beauty lies.


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