What Are the 5 Most Liberal States in US?

Most Liberal States

Every day, the United States becomes more and more divided. On this date, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in a shocking upset victory for the Republican Party, making it one of the most controversial elections in US history.

However, if you look at Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, or even lamestream news, it’s evident that the Democrats and Republicans are wider apart than they’ve ever been.

So, where have all of the liberals gone? Since the Democratic Party was founded in 1828, we thought it would be interesting to see which states have voted Democrat the most and who has been the most supportive of liberal goals.

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Most Liberal States

Massachusetts is one of the most liberal states in the United States. And it’s not just me who believes this; the people of Massachusetts do as well! According to Gallup Poll, 35% of Massachusetts people consider themselves liberal!

Furthermore, Massachusetts has some of the toughest firearms prohibitions in the country. This has resulted in no recent school shootings or mass shootings, making it one of the safest states in the country!

Massachusetts has a comparatively low state income tax rate of 6.05 percent, but a very high sales tax rate of 10.75 percent. Furthermore, Massachusetts has a 3 percent city tax levy in several of its largest cities.

New York

Most Liberal States

New York is regarded as the “Empire State,” and as a result, it is a popular tourist destination in both the summer and winter. As a result, it has become one of the most liberal states in the United States.

New York is home to some of the world’s top firms, including conservative companies, thanks to its tourism economy and infrastructure left by the British.

As a result, New York has long been the center of corporate power in the United States. It has also recently been a stronghold for young and immigrant voters, both of whom are overwhelmingly liberal. Not to mention their collective bargaining agreements.


Most Liberal States

Delaware has recently made news for being a corporate tax haven within the United States, causing widespread public outrage. Despite this, Delaware remains one of the most liberal states in the country!

Despite substantial corporate interests in recent years, Delaware has voted virtually completely for Democrats. In fact, Delaware has voted exclusively for Democrats for President and Governor since 1992.

Despite having some of the lowest per-student spendings in the country, Delaware boasts one of the top education and healthcare systems in the country, with ObamaCare funding providing much of the latter.

Rhod Island

Most Liberal States

Rhode Island has been a liberal stronghold for the duration of its existence. Rhode Island used to vote for the Whigs, then the Republicans, and finally the Democrats, all of which are liberal parties (during their time).

Rhode Island, like most liberal states, has some of the highest tax rates in the country! Rhode Island levies an income tax of 3.75 percent to 5.99 percent, with a further 3.75 percent to 5.99 percent on dividends and interest.

In recent years, the idea of a wealth tax has gained traction in the United States, particularly among young people (who are more liberal than conservative). Rhode Island, too, has become a proponent of the concept.

New Jersey

Most Liberal States

Unless you’re from New Jersey, you probably haven’t given much thought to the state’s politics. However, liberal leaders from three different parties have governed New Jersey for much of its history!

Since 1992, New Jersey has been a Democratic stronghold, with Democrats winning every presidential, midterm, and governorship race. The state legislature of New Jersey is now virtually entirely made up of Democrats.

The state of New Jersey was one of the first to offer universal suffrage. New Jersey almost exclusively voted for the Whigs (liberal) and even the Republicans when they were liberal before the Democrats became the liberal party in the US.


Cities as a whole tend to be more liberal than conservative politically due to a variety of variables. While each city has its own conservative areas, certain places are on average more liberal than others.

The United States is frequently referred to as either one of the most liberal or conservative countries on the planet. Because of the country’s makeup, some states are extremely liberal while others are not.


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